05 December 2019 07:02 PM

Sisi meets with number of major German companies

Friday، 15 February 2019 - 09:46 AM

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Thursday night conferred with a number of major German companies during his participation in the roundtable organized by Agora Strategy Group AG on the fringe of Munich Security Conference, currently in session here.

In press statements on Thursday, Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Bassam Rahdi said Agora Group comprises a number of major international companies which aim at offering consultancies to public and private institutions as regards their work strategies along with assessing their geopolitical risks. The group depends on an extended network of relations with decision-makers and experts worldwide.

During the discussion, Sisi expressed Egypt's keenness on enhancing its cooperation with various international companies and increasing their volume of investments in Egypt. He highlighted the positive developments that have taken place in the Egyptian economy in view of its economic reform program and its cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, added the spokesman.

He also shed light on the major development projects which are currently under construction in Egypt to propel the economy and push forward growth rates, especially the Suez Canal Development Axis.

Sisi reiterated that this region has vast potentials that could benefit the international trade movement through the establishment of international industrial, logistic and trade centers, adding that Egypt's industrial position and its geographical and strategic importance could turn it into a launching bad for exporting to Africa, the Middle East and Europe, according to the spokesman.

The president also made it clear that the priorities of Egypt during its presidency to the African Union in 2019 are focused on achieving economic integration, regional merging, social and economic development as well as maintaining African peace and security, the spokesman said.

Sisi also asserted that Cairo was keen on cooperating with all its international partners to achieve such priorities, pressing the need for reinforcing international efforts to realize reconstruction and development goals in Africa.

The Egyptian president pointed out to Egypt's plan to launch an African Union center for reconstruction and development in Cairo to be an influential tool for assisting countries which have just ended their armed disputes, expressing Egypt's will to cooperate with all its international partners to achieve the sustainable development goals in the African continent.

Sisi also reviewed the latest developments in the Middle East region, reiterating Egypt's firm stance regarding such crises which is based on working out political solutions to maintain the rights of their peoples.

The presidential spokesman also said President Sisi held a dialogue with a number of heads of companies which are members in Agora, who expressed their admiration of the latest developments that have recently taken place in Egypt.

The heads of Agora companies also expressed their appreciation for the role played by Egypt in Africa and the Middle East region, asserting their keenness on cooperating with Egypt and increasing their investments in the coming phase so as to contribute to achieving comprehensive social and economic development in the country, added the spokesman.


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