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Sisi: Peaceful solution only way to end Arab-Israeli conflict

Sunday، 31 March 2019 - 03:17 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Sunday 31/3/2019 there is no way out of the Arab-Israeli conflict except through reaching a just and comprehensive peaceful solution that returns the rights of the Palestinian people, namely their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In his address before the 30th ordinary Arab Summit, the Egyptian leader said the Arabs have chosen peace and their hands are still stretched out for comprehensive and just peace.

"The Arab Summit comes at a critical milestone in the history of the Arab world. We are ahead of an important entitlement, namely an all-out confrontation of all forms of terrorism," he said.

President Sisi called for a prompt move within the framework of the Geneva Peace Talks to reach peace in Syria. "It is high time the Arab bloodletting has stopped," he stressed.

"It is obvious that this summit comes at a critical juncture in the history of our Arab nation when challenges and crises have increased and missions required to confront them are complicated," President Sisi said.

"Some of these challenges are accumulative and part of the heritage of the national liberation phase and the establishment of the Arab League in the 40s, mainly the Arab-Israeli conflict. I am certain that we all agree that there is no final solution to it except through a comprehensive and just solution that returns the rights of the Palestinian people to a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, the occupied Golan goes back to Syria and all the occupied Arab lands are liberated. Only then would such a painful phase that has wasted the Arab region's energy and power for seven decades end and a phase of just peace and reconstruction begin," he added.

President Sisi referred to challenges faced in the past decade and the crises that broke out eight years ago in more than one Arab country, such as Libya, Yemen and others bringing about the dangers of division, sectarianism and terrorism that threaten the national state and its institutions in the Arab world.

"Such accumulative challenges place a responsibility on us as leaders of our countries at this decisive phase in the history of our nation in terms of decisions taken to face them which would have a crucial impact not only on our present but also on the future of the coming generations. History will hold us accountable for the decisions we take and the methods we follow in leading our countries whether to a safe shore or a regretful fate," he added.

"The continued historical injustice on the Palestinian people will remain a real shame to the international community as long as the international legitimacy resolutions are disregarded," he said.

"The Arabs have chosen peace and presented a comprehensive initiative that extends a hand of just peace in return for liberating all the occupied Arab lands and implementing international legitimacy resolutions. This Arab hand is still extended for a just and all-out peace based on full adherence to the legitimate rights and international legitimacy resolutions," he added.

"Today, we are ahead of another entitlement that is equally urgent and influential to the future of our region and the entire world," he said, referring to a comprehensive confrontation of all forms of terrorism and the extremist intellect that allows killing innocent people and violates all the tolerant religious teachings, ethical principles and humanitarian norms.

"Confronting the danger of terrorism is threatening the national state in the Arab region and this requires a swift movement to fight terrorism as stated in the relevant Arab League resolutions," he said, asserting that no confrontation would be successful unless there were strenuous moves to update the religious discourse in order to reflect the true and tolerant spirit of our religion. This should be done away from any ideas that violate its essence and calls for violence, division or extremism in the name of religion," he added.

President Sisi stressed the importance of putting an end to the recent wave of bloodshed in some Arab countries, saying that it is the proper time now to reach a settlement to the Arab crises.

The President accused Arab and foreign terrorists of standing behind such a great deal of bloodshed in the Arab countries, warning that the militias of some regional countries seek to interfere in the domestic affairs of some Arab countries.

President Sisi further called for starting negotiations as soon as possible to settle the Libyan and Syrian crises peacefully in a way that maintains their own security and stability without the interference of any non-Arab regional powers.

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