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Statement by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on the Occasion of the 37th Anniversary of Sinai Liberation Day

Sunday، 28 April 2019 - 04:29 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The Great People of Egypt,

I talk to you today on the occasion marking the 37th anniversary of the liberation of a dear part of the precious land of Egypt; it is the beloved Sinai, Ard al-Fayrouz (the land of turquoise), the crossing point of prophets and Egypt’s eastern gate. Sinai is the sacred land that all Egyptians hold it in high esteem and profound love, thus occupying such a privileged position in their minds and hearts; a position that has been shaped by geography and confirmed by history over ages to become that link that earned Egypt a more strategic depth besides being part and parcel of both the African Continent and the Arab World. 

There is no doubt that Sinai’s Liberation Day and its restoration to the motherland will remain an immortal memory in the hearts of all Egyptians and a bright page in the march of the nation; it is a day that will always stand as a remarkable milestone and a dividing line separating between bitter loss and honorable restoration; between painful defeat and great victory. The liberation of Sinai will always remain a glorious memory that helps us recall decisive events in our contemporary history; the liberation of Sinai represents an epic that entrenched a great value in the hearts and consciousness of all Egyptians; it is that value that gets brighter more and more through interaction with the nation’s present on one hand and its future visions on the other.

The heroic march of restoring Sinai back to the motherland first through war and then negotiations is an astounding national epic, a source of pride to the Egyptian nation and a landmark event in the history of our great people. It is an epic that will always stand as an inexhaustible source of sublime values where Egyptians would derive the true meanings of pride, dignity, loyalty, patriotism and affiliation. The liberation of Sinai will always remain a guiding example of the strong determination to safeguard national dignity; it is a great lesson in preserving the integrity of the national territory through true deeds not empty words, strong diligence not mere wishes and strenuous work not rhetoric slogans.

Brothers and Sisters,

Our celebration of the liberation of Sinai should generate a renewable impetus and a new momentum that would open the doors wide for relentless work and true diligence with the aim of safeguarding every inch of our homeland, realizing the aspirations of the great Egyptian people and protecting their rights in a shining present and a bright future in a homeland, where flags of freedom and dignity flutter high; a homeland, where people enjoy the breeze of safety and security and a homeland, where construction, development and progress flourish day after day.

Today, we move ahead with an unwavering determination to reshape the present and forge a better future, inspired by the glorious victory, seeking Allah’s Help and Support and relying on the relentless efforts of the faithful sons of our nation. We move ahead to defeat black terrorism and lay a strong foundation of economic development through relentless efforts, endless patience, unshakable diligence and heroic sacrifices. We duly deserve to be proud of what we have achieved so far; however, we still look forward to achieve more.

The Honorable People of Egypt,

To conclude, allow me to pay a well-deserved tribute to all those who contributed to this glorious day and extend due respect and appreciation to the souls of all martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Egypt to achieve the great victory. This glorious day will always remain a day for all Egyptians to celebrate on one hand and commemorate their honorable victory and peace based on the right to restore to the full all usurped lands on the other. This great day will always stand as a compelling evidence of the sacrifices of our Armed Forces on one hand and the skill of the Egyptian negotiator to preserve every inch of our homeland and safeguard national dignity with an unwavering determination and strong will on the other.

Many happy returns of this glorious day; may the great Egyptian people be always strong and proud; may our beloved Egypt be always an honorable homeland whose love runs through our veins; may Egypt be always our precious land for which we are willing to sacrifice so dearly.

Last and always Long Live Egypt...Long Live Egypt...Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings Be Upon You”      

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