16 October 2019 02:15 PM

FM strongly denounces OHCHR statements on Morsi's death

Wednesday، 19 June 2019 - 12:52 PM
FM strongly denounces OHCHR statements on Morsi's death

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Hafez has strongly denounced statements by the spokesperson of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the death of Mohamed Morsi during his trial in an espionage case, terming the statements as an attempt for deliberately "politicizing" a normal death condition.


In a statement on Wednesday 19/6/2019, Hafez pointed out that such statements are not appropriate to be released by an international organization.


He also denounced the content of the statements which implied doubts that aim at undermining the State's institutions and neutrality of the Egyptian justice.


The spokesman asserted that such attempts are malicious claims to undermine Egypt's commitment to international standards and jumping to fake conclusions without giving any valid evidence.


The Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that such remarks are completely unacceptable especially in view of Egypt's specific measures that have already been applicable by the Egyptian authorities out of its full commitment to and respect of international treaties.


Hafez asserted that Egypt is well aware that such "politicized" statements come in line with statements made by officials in a country along with entities that are seeking to make advantage of the issue for political purposes. This country is claiming to respect democracy and human rights, whereas its actions and practices are just maintaining the best interests to keep its powers by all possible means, terming the regime of this country as a tyrant dictatorship that has turned the country into large prison, the spokesman added.


He further noted that this country is detaining tens of thousands of its opponents and members of the civil society in prisons without knowing about their fate and without holding anyone accountable for stealing their freedom of expression, silencing their voices and abusing them. Furthermore, it is sponsoring thousands of terrorists who are operating in the region and are involved in killing thousands of innocent people with the aim of achieving political gains and in search of having a strong influence in the region.


The Foreign Ministry spokesman also asserted that such remarks by the spokesperson of OHCHR will be debated at the highest levels in Egypt to consider its objectivity and check on its violations and deviations in breach of all norms of professionalism and neutrality that should be applied by an international body.


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