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The National Center For Translation' witnesses new publications

Monday، 22 July 2019 - 11:19 AM
The National Center For Translation' witnesses new publications

A new collection of publications, in the fields of:  politics, history, cinema , poetry, theater, sociology, philosophy, creativity, scientific culture and other important topics, was recently published by the National Center for Translation headed by  Dr. Anwar Mghith.

The titles of the new publications are:


-"The History of Ancient Egypt" edited by Ian Shaw and translated by Ashraf Fathy.

-"Iranian Cinema - Political History" edited by Hamid Reza Sadr and translated by Ahmed Yousuf.

-The Heritage of Davenci or How Leonardo Re-discovered The world Again, " edited by Stephen Klein, translated by  Nahed al-Deeb.

-“ Theories of Human Sciences " edited by Julian Freund, translated by  Anwar Maghith and Amira  Helmi Matar.

- “Alexandrian Culture" edited by Azza Heikal and translated by  Assem Abed Rabbo.

-" Glimpses of Fire Poetry “  edited by Gaston Bachlar and translated by  Mohammed Saif.

-" Adolf " Novel  edited by Benjamin Constan and  translated by  Mahmoud Wasfi.

-"Literature And the Nation In The Middle East" edited by Yasser Suleiman and Ibrahim Mahwi, and translated by Heba Allah Mahmoud Aref.


- “ The Poems of English Romantic Poetry” edited by  Coleridge-Kitts-Shely-Tennyson, translated and presented by Mohamed Anani.

-"The Caves of Science" edited by Rodney Dieter and Janis Dietert, and translated by Ahmed Hamdy Mustafa.

-"Can Science Fix Climate Change" edited by Mike Helm and translated by  Ahmed Zaky .

-"Between Freedom, Humanity and Divine Destiny: A Consensual Theoretical  Study About Ibn Sina, Ghazali And Ibn Arabi" edited by Maria de Siles and translated by Mahmoud Salameh's.

- “Revolution, Democracy And The Islamic Challenge From Tunisia to Damascus " edited by Adid Dawisha and translated by Ashraf Mohamed Kilani .

-"A Bridge To The Mediterranean: Relations Between Italy And Mediterranean Countries (1989-2009)" edited by  a group of researchers and translated by Abdullah Abd al-Aati and Issam al-Sayed Ali.

-"Schopenhauer - A Brief Introduction" edited by Christopher Ganaway and translated by  Said Tawfiq.

-"Cinema And History" edited by Marc Ferro and translated by Sahar Samir Youssef.

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