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Sisi witnesses graduation ceremony of military academies

Monday، 22 July 2019 - 01:59 PM
Sisi witnesses graduation ceremony of military academies

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Monday 22/7/2019 witnessed the graduation ceremony of a new batch of cadets of Egypt's military academies and the Armed Forces Technical Institute at the Military Academy premises.


Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, Armed Forces Commander in Chief, Minister of Defense and Military Production General Mohamed Zaki and a number of ministers and senior state officials and public figures attended the ceremony.


Upon the arrival of president Sisi to the military academy, the national anthem was played and the ceremony kicked off.



More than 1,300 students of the military academies presented a physical exercise show to display their physical fitness and high-standard combat skills.


The shows included a series of fighting techniques and Karate and Kung Fu exercises.


Some of the cadets also engaged in free fighting exercises with the use of cold weapons to reflect their self-defense skills. Another group of cadets showed their skills in climbing and storming of buildings to counter enemies.


Paratroopers also showed up their skills along with other groups of cadets representing the various military divisions

During the ceremony, groups of the new cadets simulated a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines, displaying their ability to launch an attack on enemy targets.


Elements of the naval "Saaqa" (Naval Special Forces) used a RIB boat to carry out a mission against the enemy with the support of elements of the military engineering and chemical warfare units.


Electronic warfare units displayed their skill in detecting antagonistic telecommunication signals to notify the army command and assist air and air defense forces to fight against the enemy

Following the military parade, a documentary film was screened to review the biography of a number of Armed Forces commanders in appreciation of their prominent military roles.


The military commanders included Field Marshal Fakhry Mohamed Fahmy , the former army chief of staff and first commander of the air defense forces in the wake of the War of Attrition, Vice Admiral Mohamed Mahmoud  Nashed , the former commander of the naval forces and the mastermind of naval operations during the tripartite aggression on Egypt in 1956, Air Marshal Mohamed Alaa Eldin, the former commander of the air forces who also participated in the War of Attrition and the 6th of October war.


Batch 56 of the Military Technical Institute was named after Field Marshal Fakhry in recognition of his military performance during duty.


Also, the film shed light on the biography of former defense minister Field Marshal Mohamed Abdel Halim Abu Ghazala who joined the Palestine War with the leaders of the Egyptian Free Officers movement. He was Commander of the Second Field Army during the 6th of October war and was later appointed Chief of Staff. In 1981, he assumed the defense minister's post.


Two military batches, the 113rd batch of the Military Academy and the 48th batch of the Military Technical Institute, were named after Field Marshal Abu Ghazala.

Students of both the police and military academies took part in a joint training that aimed at unifying the tactical approaches and exchanging the combat know-how, in light of terror challenges facing the country.


Police students performed a show displaying tactical movements and security crackdowns using a replica depicting crime scenes and police stations.


Following the military parade, the top notch student handed over the flag of the police academy to another top student, marking the handover of the leadership of the academy.


Meanwhile, the cadets took oath before the academy's top professor, Adel Kasaba.


President Sisi, for his part, bestowed the second-class Order of Excellence on the top cadets.


A number of the martyrs' children delivered speeches at the graduation ceremony, during which they vowed to continue the march of their fathers in defending the homeland.




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