20 February 2020 01:51 PM

FM: Libya's neighbors rebuff foreign interference in internal affairs

Friday، 24 January 2020 - 01:36 PM

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry lauded on Thursday 23/01/2020 the outcome of the meeting grouping Libya's neighbors here on Thursday, saying all participants rebuffed foreign attempts to meddle with Libya's internal affairs.

The meeting today was very positive and comes at an important timing in light of the continued armed conflict in Libya and the arrival of many militants in the country, Shoukry said in exclusive remarks to MENA.

This situation requires immediate coordination among all Libya's neighbors to help the brotherly country overcome this crisis, he said.

All participants rejected foreign interference in Libya's affairs and attempts to bring terrorists or mercenaries to flare up military confrontations in the North African country.

He said Libya's neighbors should work hard with their Libyan brothers to reach a settlement to the Libyan crisis.

He underlined the importance of addressing many issues in Libya, including re-forming the presidential council, re-distributing the country's wealth in a just way, dismantling armed militias and making the national army the only party authorized to protect the country.

Shoukry also underlined the importance of fostering cooperation with international partners to settle the Libyan crisis, saying German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas took part in part of the meeting and expounded efforts to reach a peaceful settlement.

About the Ethiopia Dam file, he said technical teams are now meeting in Khartoum to add a final touch on a draft deal on rules to fill and operate the dam, expecting it to be finalized today or tomorrow at most.

Then, Shoukry said, we will go to the US to reach a final agreement.

The $4.6 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project on the Blue Nile, which promises to provide much-needed electricity to Ethiopia´s 100 million people, has been a contentious point among the three main Nile Basin countries.

Egypt fears that filling the dam´s reservoir too quickly could significantly reduce its share of the Nile water.


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