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Egypt and Water Issue

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM


Water is a priority issue in today’s world. Civilized nations have given great attention to developing and conserving water resources.

Egypt leads not only in Africa but throughout the world in the area of water management.

Nile water is estimated at only 5 per cent of the amount of torrential rain falling on the Equatorial and Ethiopian plateaus. Wasted and unused water is put at 95 per cent.

The amount of rain falling outside the waterway as it crosses the ten Nile-basin countries is 5 times that which constitutes water sources in the two plateaus.

Nile-basin countries are currently seeking fruitful cooperation to ensure a package that will serve their respective interests. An agreement is in the offing by which Nile waters would be regulated and distributed based on each country’s historical and acquired rights as provided for in previous covenants. Agreement has already been reached on 95 per cent of the articles and experts are currently working on the remaining parts.

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