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African Perspective Issue 37

Wednesday، 20 February 2013 - 12:00 AM


State Information Service and Africa
By: Ambassador Mohammed Badreddin Zayed
Chairman of the State Information Service

Ghana Elections 2012
By: Ahmad Amal
Demonstrator - Cairo University

By: Dr. Kareem Abdulrazeq
Instructor of Political Sciences
Misr University for Science & Technology

By: Mahmud Zakareya
Demonstrator - Cairo University

By: Tawfiq Noffel
Political Researcher - State Information Service 

By: Fatima al-Zahraa M. Ali
Former Information Counsellor - Brussels 

By: Bassem Rizq Adly
Assistant Instructor - Institute of African Studies

By:Josef Ramez
Director, Information Office, Japan
By: Samar al-Bagouri
Assistant Instructor - Institute of African Studies

3rd Forum for UN Secretary-General's Personal Representatives and International Envoys to Africa
African Cinema: Present & Future 
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Reviewed by: Abdurrahman Abdulfattah
Director, Information Office, Khartoum, Sudan

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