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Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

Egypt resents intrusion into verdicts of the Egyptian judiciary

Wednesday، 22 April 2015 - 12:00 AM

The State Information Service has followed with deep disdain and resentment the reactions of some countries and non-governmental organizations regarding the ruling issued recently by the Cairo Criminal Court in the case known as the “Itihadiya events case”.

The court sentenced to 20 years in prison a number of defendants who were charged and convicted of murdering, kidnapping, detaining, and torturing peaceful protesters in front of the Itihadiya Presidential Palace in December 2012, and participation in crimes through incitement, conspiracy, and providing assistance.

These crimes were committed against the backdrop of mass protests that had broken out in rejection of the constitutional declaration issued by Mohamed Morsi, one of the defendants, in November 2012.

The Public Prosecution also charged Morsi with crimes pertaining to inciting his supporters and aides to commit crimes of violence, thuggery, robbery, possession of firearms, ammunition and melee weapons, and kidnapping, detaining, and torturing peaceful protestors.

The court cleared the defendants of the charges of premeditated murder, and convicted them of the charges of kidnapping and torturing protestors.

Egypt stresses that the aforementioned reactions to the judicial verdict constitute an unacceptable interference in Egypt’s internal affairs and a lack of respect for the rulings of the Egyptian judiciary.

The SIS wishes to underline that separation of powers is among the key tenets of any democratic system, and affirms the importance of the judiciary’s independence and the absolute unacceptability of any comments on judicial rulings, whether by internal or external parties as this represents an infringement on the independence of the judiciary.

The SIS also affirms that the defendants are being tried before a normal court and not an exceptional one, in accordance with the Egyptian penal code, and the court approved the presence of all television channels with a desire to cover the sentencing, as well as all of the representatives of local and international newspapers and media outlets who acquired authorization to attend from the court.

The reactions of some countries and organizations ignored the crimes that were committed by the defendants, including kidnapping, detaining and torturing protestors, which were documented on video; they also neglected the fact the court cleared the defendants of the charge of killing protestors.

The SIS reasserts that it is the right of all defendants to appeal verdicts issued against them before the Court of Cassation, which in turn has the right to either repeal the verdict and refer the case to a new court for a re-trial, or to confirm it. The SIS once again affirms respect for freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and protest, in accordance with the law, and calls upon all international parties to respect the rulings of the Egyptian judiciary and refrain from commenting on them.


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