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Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

SIS: Foiled Luxor terror attack attests to efficiency of security in Egypt to protect tourists and citizens

Thursday، 11 June 2015 - 12:00 AM

The State Information Service (SIS) condemns the failed terrorist attack that took place on Wednesday 10/6/2015 near Karnak Temple in the Upper Egyptian city of Luxor. Thwarting this desperate terror attempt by the brave and vigilant security men of Egypt attests to their ability to protect tourists and citizens.

The SIS, meanwhile, would like to highlight the following facts:

1-            This abortive terrorist attempt, that was nipped in the bud thanks to the vigilance of security men, is a clear evidence that the Egyptian State is capable of protecting its tourists and citizens and that it places the safety and security of its visitors as high priority. Out of this logic, all tourist and archaeological sites in Egypt are fully safe and secure, including temples and museums of Luxor. Tourists are maintaining their visits to the archaeological city of Luxor after the attack atop of whom came World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, who visited Luxor Temple after the incident before he wraps up his visit to the city.

2-            This desperate attempt has betrayed the mean goals of the terrorist elements to undermine stability in Egypt and harm its national economy. These goals were never and will never be realized thanks to the unity of the Egyptian people and vigilance of national institutions. These facts require the international community to understand the true evil nature of these terrorist groups and stop being misled by their warped way of thinking. Therefore, the international community should adopt the appropriate stances towards these criminals and their danger which is jeopardizing not only the security of Egypt but also of the region and the world at large.

3-            The SIS urges all foreign correspondents operating in Egypt and all mass media outlets in the world to be accurate and not to depend on dubious sources of information that seek to give a wrong image about the situation in Egypt serving only the evil goals of terrorists.

4-            What took place in Luxor on Wednesday 10/6/2015 drives home a message which we hope would reach international rights groups, especially those which are still issuing biased reports that disregard the reality and acquit the terrorists trying to depict them as victims while these terrorists maintain their crimes against the people of Egypt and its national institutions.


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