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Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

SIS mourns prosecutor general

Tuesday، 30 June 2015 - 12:00 AM

The State Information Service (SIS) mourns Prosecutor General Counselor Hisham Barakat who was assassinated on Monday 29/6/2015 by elements of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood gang after his motorcade was targeted while on his way to his office. The bombing left also several innocent civilians wounded.

This criminal act is part of a series of crimes that were committed by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood which adopted violence and killing as an approach.
This group hates the Egyptian people and targets the homeland's security and stability. It is seeking through all cowardly and mean ways to intimidate innocent citizens to deprive them from their right to life and progress.

Targeting the prosecutor general in particular, as one of the high symbols of the Egyptian judiciary, who expresses the conscience of the people and society, is a new confirmation that this terrorist group rejects the State of the law and even rejects the idea of the Egyptian State as a whole. It seeks creating chaos and instability throughout the nation.
Targeting symbols of the judiciary is an extension of the black history of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood as they assassinated Counselor Ahmed el-Khazendar on March 22, 1948, who was looking into cases of murder and arson that were committed by MB members. They also killed three young judges in Arish city on 16/5/2015.
Also, the crime is a continuation of their targeting of men of the judiciary and its institutions. This approach reached its zenith when the MB group assumed power in Egypt. Such practices included blockading the highest judicial body in Egypt and threatening judges in an attempt to undermine the State of the law and use instead the law of the group which is an identical copy of the law of Daesh terrorist group that is now applied in the regions that fell under the control of terrorist groups, which are an extension of the terrorist Brotherhood group.
This crime is part of a terrorist plot that the world has recently seen in Tunisia, Kuwait and France. It is also an extension of the crimes committed by Daesh in Iraq and Syria as the Brotherhood group is part, if not even the source, of all other terrorist groups that adopt the same ideology which is hostile to civilization and all forms of stability and human progress.
This crime is another message to the whole world, especially to international mass media outlets, which still lack a clear vision about the real battle, that Egypt is waging against terrorism, and reject to admit the terrorist nature of this group who hates the Egyptian people and denies them their right to life, progress and stability.

This obnoxious crime confirms once again the danger of this criminal group and underlines the necessity of uprooting it from the nation. It also asserts the necessity of arresting all its leaders, instigators and supporters inside and outside Egypt and bringing them to justice.

The SIS mourns Counselor Hisham Barakat; the martyr of the homeland and a high symbol of statesmen who was an advocate of the causes of the Egyptian people and an incarnation of the national conscience. The SIS meanwhile asserts that this cowardly act will only add to the determination of the Egyptian people to support their leaders in the face against terrorism until uprooting it. The terrorists and their leaders and supporters inside and outside Egypt will only gain nothing by the contempt of the Egyptian people who are capable to emerge victorious in their battle against those rogue people who have nothing to do with religion. Our people will maintain their march of construction and development and stability despite this hateful terrorism. The Egyptian people will resume their role in the march of human civilization.

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