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Statement by H.E President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi at meeting of the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change

Monday، 28 September 2015 - 12:00 AM

Your excellency heads of state and government,
Ladies and gentlemen,

We are now passing through a critical juncture of negotiations on climate change that is aimed at reaching a new agreement by the end of this year in Paris. This agreement seeks outlining new arrangements and commitments that will affect the developing African nations and the less developed countries. This state of affairs requires pooling our efforts together to create a unified African stance and clear joint vision to preserve the continent's interests and defend its legitimate right to growth and development especially in light of its being the less contributor to the total of harmful gas emissions and the most affected due to the consequences of climate change.

Out of this premise, it is important to work so that the new agreement which is now under discussion would handle the issue of discrepancy of the burdens shouldered by the developing and developed countries. It is also necessary that this agreement should strike a balance among its different aspects as the focus is still lent to one aspect only which is minimizing gas emissions that are harmful to environment while disregarding other aspects of the agreement, especially enhancing the potentials of developing countries to acclimatize with climate change.

We should also maintain efforts for reaching a legally-binding agreement provided that this agreement should include clear commitments by the developed countries including extending support and assistance to our African and developing nations while standing to challenges that are posed by climate change and minimizing its adverse impact.

Your excellency heads of state and government,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to touch on efforts and initiatives on renewable energy in Africa which started acquiring growing importance day after another in light of the international momentum regarding climate change negotiations. We have built on the initiative that was proposed by the African negotiators group on renewable energy in Africa that has gained the support of African environment ministers during their 15th session that was held in Cairo in March and in light of the recent African summit's resolution in Johannesburg in June. Therefore, we have formed a technical working group under the leadership of Egypt to maintain boosting and crystallizing this initiative. Egypt has organized several important activities with the World Bank and international partners who expressed their support for the initiative within a collective framework including the African negotiators group, the African Union Commission, the NEPAD, the African Development Bank and the United Nations Environment Program along with the International Agency for Renewable Energy. Egypt has confirmed during these activities the necessity of outlining a number of rules within the framework of our collective efforts to push forward this initiative that has been floated at the recent meeting of our respectable committee as follows:

First: Confirming the right of Africa and its leaders to this initiative in a way that reflects the interests of our continent and benefits all our countries without exception.

Second: Guaranteeing the success and continuity of this initiative so that dealing with it should not stop at only being a mere political declaration and that it should lead to actual improvement of industrial and technological potentials in the domain of renewable energy in Africa.

Third: Guaranteeing coordination with other existing initiatives in this domain to avert contradiction and duplicity.

Fourth: Building on what is unifying the continent's countries and avert what is dividing them along with enhancing regional and trans-border cooperation.


It could be noted that this is the only African initiative that is associating clearly between the increase in development rates in the continent in one hand and contribution to international efforts for standing up to climate change on the other. It also especially seeks that the marginalized and the poorest nations would obtain energy. It also provides an option that is attractive to the private sector for investment in upgrading and developing renewable energy in the continent's countries.
On the other hand and in line with our African interests regarding the challenges of climate change, we have floated another initiative for mobilizing international support for the activities of coping up with climate change in Africa. A resolution has been issued by the recent African summit in Johannesburg that the African environment ministers conference under the leadership of Egypt would take over the responsibility of upgrading this initiative in cooperation with the African negotiators group.
Egypt has actually organized several meetings for his purpose over the past few months and will maintain its efforts for pushing up the initiative to guarantee benefiting from international political support that is provided by the coming climate change conference in Paris and the interest expressed by developed countries and their willingness to support renewable energy in Africa.

Your excellency heads of state and government,

Ladies and gentlemen,

These are the issues I wanted to underline. They are included in the report that is presented to your respectable committee which I hope you would approve including its appendixes which have documents related to the initiative on renewable energy in Africa and the initiative on garnering international support to the activities of acclimatization in Africa.

In conclusion, I would like to confirm the importance of investing our joint action for boosting our efforts to reach a unified African stance in the face of challenges posed by climate change whose adverse impact would hamper attaining the hoped-for prosperity and welfare of our peoples.

Thank You.

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