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Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the UN Summit for the Adoption of the post-2015 Development Agenda

Sunday، 27 September 2015 - 12:00 AM

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate

Your excellency heads of state and government,

Mr. UN secretary general,

Mr. president of the UN General Assembly,

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the beginning, I would like to convey to you the appreciation and respect of the great Egyptian people who moved to stand up and change extremist ideas such as those from which Malala and others in several countries have suffered. I would like also to thank the president of the United Nations General Assembly for holding this important summit and to appreciate the valuable effort which we have all exerted over the past three years for outlining a new post-2015 international development agenda. This ambitious agenda we will adopt until the year 2030 in which we have included unprecedented goals for minimizing poverty and ending hunger for achieving sustainable development and providing an adequate level of health care and education for all.

The recent period has seen an intensive international activity that has been accelerated this year for creating a propitious atmosphere for sustainable development for all. This activity has been crystallized at the third UN conference for financing development in Addis Ababa in July for reaching the development agenda that is presented to us today for approval.

I would like to confirm in this regard the importance of participation of all segments of the society in the hoped-for development process for achieving balanced and fair development that benefits everybody, atop of whom come women whose role, has been proved day after another, to be major and crucial in all aspects of life at the political, economic and social levels. Also women have been proven deeply aware of responsibility where they have been prompt in responding to the call of the homeland.

Mr. president.. ladies and gentlemen,

Egypt has participated actively in the phases of outlining the development agenda. It had a clear vision that has been strongly put forth to the effect that any international efforts for achieving sustainable development should take into consideration the dimension of development policies for the developing countries and their sovereignty in adopting suitable social and economic national programs whose development priorities are set in light of the particular state of affairs and needs of each region.

The right to development and providing decent life has been the focus of the Egyptian people when they rose up to carve out their future. This is why we have launched in March this year "the sustainable development strategy until the year 2030"; which is aimed at achieving comprehensive sustainable economic development, improving the investment context, enhancing human capital and accomplishing social justice together with providing decent life for the Egyptian citizen.

This strategy was launched at a time when the international conference for supporting the Egyptian economy was held in March with massive international participation from governments and international private sector. The great success of the conference was an added evidence of the international community's belief that the stability of Egypt means the stability of the Middle East region as a whole.

Within the same framework and out of awareness of the major Egyptian role, we have inaugurated last month the New Suez Canal which crowned efforts of the great Egyptian people who managed in one year not only to dig an international waterway but also to launch a giant development project and a basic component of the new development map in a way that contributes to rendering Egypt a regional and international center for trade and investment.

Mr. president,

In as much as we have hope, while we are meeting to adopt an ambitious agenda that outlines the goals of the international community for sustainable development, we are worried that the available means for implementing this agenda would not be up to the level of aspirations and the size of current challenges.

Difference in potentials and levels of development requires a similar difference in burdens and commitments by members of the international community. This is a historic responsibility that is shouldered by those who have the potentials towards those who lack these potentials.

More, the international community should deal actively with other challenges that hamper achieving sustainable development the most important of which is terrorism which became an international phenomenon from which not only our region is suffering but also several other world countries. The Egyptian people, in their march for building and reconstruction, are facing the most dangerous terrorist and extremist thought. They stand up with unwavering determination to those who seek to undermine development and tamper with their aspirations for better life and a more bright future.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In conclusion, development has been a vested historical right of all countries. Practicing this right today is prerequisite so that everybody would co-exist with others. This requires extending all necessary support for the developing countries to enhance their efforts for achieving development and decent life for their peoples.

Thank you.

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