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Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly

Thursday، 01 October 2015 - 12:00 AM


September 28, 2015


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate

Mr. President,

In the beginning I would like to express my greetings to you and your friendly country over taking over the presidency of this session of the United Nations General Assembly. I would like also to express all appreciation for your predecessor the foreign minister of sisterly Uganda for his distinguished efforts during his presidency of the previous session. I would like to hail the constructive role that has been undertaken by the United Nations secretary general for his strenuous efforts to implement the principles of the UN Charter that has been a term of reference for international relations over 70 years now.

Mr. President.. ladies and gentlemen,

Egypt and the whole world have seen a few weeks ago the inauguration of the New Suez Canal. This achievement includes economic dimensions such as transportation, trade and services along with other dimensions that are related to Egypt's ability and the determination of Egyptians to work hard and overcome bravely all difficulties and challenges. But today I will not delve into the details of these dimensions, which I am sure you are all fully aware of them. but I am trying to highlight is the significance of what has been achieved on the land of Egypt as this new canal is not only a gift from Egypt to the world but also it is an incarnation of hope and turning it into new reality and direction through hard work.

You would agree with me that hope; that important value, is the driving force that has always helped individuals and peoples to move forward and aspire for a better future. When hope is associated with hard and sincere work they became together a beacon that dispels the darkness of despair. This darkness is lingering today in the Middle East region. Hope and work are the actual example that Egypt is presenting to its wide context in Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. They are the hand that it extends to its region in contribution to efforts for overcoming current challenges and illuminating the road towards the future.

Out of our faith in Egypt that the Middle East region and the world as a whole are facing a dangerous threat that they are badly in need today to an example for opening wide horizons for the young people that promise for a better future and so that these young people would contribute actively to carving out this future, I announce Egypt's plan to put forth, in coordination with the United Nations and the member-states together with a wide participation of young people an initiative on " Hope and Action for a New Direction" or "HAND" as it is put in English. It will be actually the hand that Egypt is extending as one way of its contribution to overcome the powers of extremism and ideas that these forces are seeking to disseminate. This contribution will be undertaken through positive action that does not stop only at resistance; which is the method that is usually adopted while fighting terrorism until now focusing only on defending the present. We are required, side by side with these valuable efforts, to work for attracting the creative energies of young people away from extremists and their warped ideas and to empower these young people to invest their energies for building the future, which will be their own after a few years.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Allah the Almighty has endowed human beings with the gift of mind that was our vehicle to recognize Him. Also, our ability to choose by using this mind is the best evidence that our difference is a divine will which does not accept for human beings to be devoid of will and determination.

This crystal clear fact, though simple in itself, undermines all claims by extremists, with all their different religions and creeds, especially those who claim that they only have the right to interpret Islam and disregard that what they are propagating for is merely their own tendentious interpretation of religion that could not be the real Islam with its tolerance, justice and mercy as their denial of others' right to difference, is a denial of the will of the Creator. They are in fact working to attain mundane and insidious goals and seeking to recruit and indoctrinate followers and isolate them from any opportunity to attain a correct understanding of religion.

There is no doubt that more than one billion and a half Muslims reject to be subject to the thought of this small number of people who claim that they only speak on behalf of the others. This small number of people even seeks, through their extremism and violence to exclude and silence anybody who would oppose them. The whole world should be aware of this. I feel the distress and sadness of every Muslim around the world when they face discrimination and prejudice just because they belong to this great religion. This state of affairs is deemed by the powers of extremism as an unprecedented success since these forces are seeking to achieve, among other goals, to create this gap between Muslims and non-Muslims and work even to widen that gap. Allow me then to ask a question about the number of Muslims who should fall victim to obnoxious extremism and terrorism so that the world would be convinced that we all Muslims and non-Muslims alike are fighting the same enemy and facing the same danger.

How many of the sons of the countries that are suffering from the scourges of terrorism should have their blood spilled so that the international community should recognize this plague which Egypt, being in the vanguard of Islamic nations and in the defense frontline, is standing against it. There is no other alternative than solidarity among all human beings to defeat it everywhere.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have all followed up how sisterly Libya spiraled into a dangerous abyss when extremist powers uncovered their presence through their acts that contradict the principles of Islam and human values. The slaughter of Egyptians at Libyan coasts was only an immediate result of negligence in standing up to the expansion of extremists in defiance of the will of the Libyan people. Those extremists are seeking to impose their hegemony on the Libyan people and make the future of the Libyan State and people contingent upon imposing their control on them. Egypt's keenness on the future of Libya and its safety and stability was the first motive behind supporting the United Nations' efforts for reaching a political settlement to the Libyan crisis. This support has played a clear role in reaching Sukhirat agreement that should be a landmark event that is followed by unifying all efforts by the international community and its siding with the will of the signatory parties for reconstructing the Libyan State and empowering it for fighting terrorism effectively and enhancing its potentials to uproot terrorism before this terrorism would create there a base that threatens Libya neighboring countries that could spill over to the depth of Africa. Within this framework, I would like to underline the necessity of maintaining efforts to create a propitious atmosphere for more participation by Libyan parties who believe in the modern State. These efforts should go side by side with relentless confrontation for eradicating terrorism.

We have all also followed up how extremists exploited the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people to steer this sisterly country towards confrontations that seek attaining ulterior goals for excluding all other parties. These confrontations expanded even among these extremist groups in their struggle over spoils so that Syria today is being tormented and suffers the threat of division in light of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and obvious ambitions of regional parties.

In light of this deteriorating situation, Egypt called the Syrian nationalist powers to convene in Cairo for outlining a clear vision for a transitional period in accordance with Geneva Document and in a way that provides a common ground for all Syrians to build democratic Syria that enjoys sovereignty over its full territory and preserves the entity of the State and its institutions and respects the diversity of its components and maintains its nationalist belonging. These Syrian nationalist powers are invited today to strongly contribute to every effort that is exerted for negotiation on a political solution to the crisis in a bid to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Egypt's political and military support for sisterly Yemen and its participation in the steps that were adopted by the coalition of countries supporting the legitimate government, came in response to Yemen's request and out of Egypt's responsibility towards maintaining the Arab national security against attempts by foreign parties to tamper with it and its future. It also came within the framework of our support for the unity of Yemen and its independence and territorial integrity. Egypt is urging the international community to exert the required efforts for resuming the transitional political process in accordance with the Gulf initiative and its mechanisms and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Egypt is closely following up the recent developments in Iraq. We hope that reforms that were adopted by the Iraqi government would help reunite the brotherly Iraqi people for forging ahead along the road of national reconciliation.

The exacerbation of the crisis of refugees who are fleeing armed conflicts confirms the Egyptian stance on the necessity of working to settle these conflicts and standing up against terrorism that became one of the most important reasons for the worsening of the crisis. Egypt also called for opening channels for legitimate migration and facilitating the process of movement along with associating migration with development.

Egypt is hosting growing numbers of refugees who are treated as brothers of the Egyptian people and who are sharing with the Egyptian people the same social, educational and health-care services that are provided by the State despite immense social burdens that are shouldered by the Egyptian government. Egypt hopes for finding solutions to the crisis of refugees whether in the short run to improve the hard humanitarian conditions they are facing or in the long run through ending the basic reasons that led to this conflict.

Ladies and gentlemen,

All that is mentioned constitutes an example of the current growing threat posed by the terrorist organizations' exploitation of political crises to attain their goals. Out of historic responsibility as the president of Egypt, which is standing in the heart of confrontation, I warn of the danger of an expansion of this threat to other regions and crises atop of which comes the legitimate Palestinian issue. Settling the Palestinian issue and empowering the Palestinian people to self-determination and establishing their independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967 with Al-Quds as its capital, will eradicate one of the most important factors of instability in the region and also one of the most dangerous claims that is used to justify acts of terrorism and extremism. You would agree with me that there is no other alternative than settling this issue without delay so that peoples of the region would channel their efforts for building together their future and achieve welfare and progress and create a better future for their coming generations. Events in Al-Quds and Al-Haram Al-Sharif are evidence that establishing peace still faces difficulties and challenges that require all of us to square up for overcoming them and hammering out decisive solutions for them.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We in Egypt are aware of the necessity of providing other factors, together with uprooting extremism and terrorism, to achieve stability and comprehensive development. The Egyptian people's rising up and their demands for change is an expression of awareness about the necessity of building a modern State with all its components to achieve these goals. While we are aware that what we have achieved is only few steps along an extended process, we are determined to resume this process despite all impediments we are facing. The legislative elections will be held this year to complete the future road map so that the MPs would undertake their responsibility in monitoring and passing legislation in the coming phase that will see achieving more aspirations of the Egyptian people for freedom, decent life and social justice.

I would like to make reference, within this framework, to the Egyptian government's launching of the "sustainable development strategy: Egyptian vision in year 2030" in March this year at a time when there is an international action for reaching an ambitious agenda for international development in post-2015 which we hope will be adopted in a way that takes into consideration joint responsibility in standing up to challenges, discrepancy of potentials and resources, and cultural diversity.

Development is a basic right and providing and facilitating it, especially for developing and African countries, is a collective responsibility that should be undertaken especially by the developed countries.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The vision that is floated by Egypt is an extension of a long march throughout the human history itself, through which the Egyptians have excelled and welcomed all visitors on their soil therefore Egypt's contribution has been present in all domains of life. Today, Egypt is looking forward to more participation for establishing peace and stability at the international level through its candidacy to non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council for the coming two years. Your confidence in Egypt's role will be well-placed as Egypt is aware of the responsibility it is shouldering at this critical juncture for achieving the interests of its African continent and its Arab region together with the peoples of the whole world and holding high the principles of the UN Charter and sublime values that have been approved by the civilization of the entire humanity.

The banks of the eternal River Nile have witnessed the construction of the first bricks of human civilization and its flourishing. Also, Egypt has always been, over the long times of history, a centre for sciences and arts and beacon for other countries and peoples. Despite all difficulties and setbacks that Egypt has passed through in some phases, its people today are looking forward to write history once again. I am confident that through the providence of Allah and His assistance, the Egyptians will be able to achieve the best of their aspirations for themselves and their country and for their region and even for the welfare of the whole world at large.

Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.

Thank You

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

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