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The Arab League

Arab League

Tuesday، 27 October 2015 - 12:00 AM

Egypt has been playing a leading role in supporting the Arab issues, foremost among which are the issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iraq, Sudan, the Arab League reform and boosting the joint Arab action.

Egypt's Arab policies are governed by a number of basic elements as follows:

  • Drawing up a joint vision on serving the supreme Arab interests and maintaining Arab national security.

  • Mutual respect to the sovereignty of the Arab countries and non-interference in the internal affairs.

  • Maintaining independence of the Arab decision-making process.

  • Enhancing ties of solidarity among the Arab countries and seeking peaceful means in solving the Arab disputes.

  • Preserving the Arab resources and boosting the development process in the Arab countries.

  • Boosting the economic and trade ties between the Arab countries with the ultimate goal of establishing the common Arab market.

  • Respect to the pan-Arab treaties such as the Arab League Charter and the joint Arab defense treaty.

  • Establishing good relations with non-Arab countries in the region based on principles of mutual respect.

Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit was named Secretary-General of the Arab League in March, 2006 thus replacing Dr. Nabil AL Arabi.

Aboul Gheit, Cheif of Arab League

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