24 November 2017 05:52 AM
Sayed Mekawi

Mekawi was born in Cairo Sayeda Zeinab district of Al-Nasriya on May 8, 1927.

Abdu al-Hamuli

A chance meeting with a senior vocalist catapulted al-Hamuli into studying the fundamentals of music. His reputation was such that he formed his own group and was heard by Khedive Ismail who liked his voice and took him in to become part of his entourage.

Mohammad El-Qasabgi

Born in 1892, few years after S. Darwish was born, he kicked off the experimental Arab singing movement.

Riadh Al-Sonbati

He was born in Mansoura in 1906. Since his early years, he showed interest in fond of music. An eye-disease prompted his father to teach him old songs and to play the zither.

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