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Cultural Relations

Tuesday، 08 December 2015 12:00 AM

The participation of the Egyptian football team in the African Cup of Nations Championship that was hosted by Angola in January 2010 (CAN 2010) marked a significant impact on reinforcing and furthering sports and cultural relations between the two countries "on an official and popular level", as the Angolan TV broadcasted many cultural programs about the history of modern Egypt and it’s Ancient civilization beside focusing on the famous Egyptian touristic shrines by the Angolan media.

The participation of the Angolan Handball team in the African cup of Nations Championship for Handball that was held in Cairo, " in February 2010" , and the culmination of Angolan women's team in this tournament by the title has left great impressions about Egypt on the Angolan’s passion.

The participation of the Angolan team for Folkloric Arts in the Folk Art festival organized by the African sector of the foreign ministry, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture "May 2009" in commemoration of the day of Africa - 25th of May every year.

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