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3rd Arab Economic and Social Development Summit

Thursday، 18 April 2013 12:00 AM

The 3rd Arab Economic and Social Development Summit (ESD), which was held in Riyadh on 21-22 January 2013, discussed a number of development issues topped by investment in the Arab region, achieving the millennium development goals and others.

Also, the summit discussed supporting the economic cooperation relations among Arab countries and formulating visions and setting up mechanisms to support the development efforts of the Arab countries.

In the same vein, the summit focused on economic and social development aspects, which is the beginning of a new phase of the Arab vision on the future of the nation to achieve progress in the economic fields in the Arab world, thereby securing the ability of the coming generations to meet the challenges of the future.

On the sidelines of the summit, there were a number of informal meetings, topped by private sector forum, youth forum and civil society forum. They were held to emphasize the importance of the role played by these sectors for upgrading the standard of living and future of the Arab citizen.

In the mean time, the joint meeting of the Foreign Ministers and Ministers of the Economic and Social Council in Arab countries began in Riyadh to prepare for the third Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, which was held in Riyadh on 21-22 January 2013.

At the beginning of the meeting, Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr handed over the chairmanship of the summit to the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Saud al-Faisal.

Meanwhile, President Mohamed Morsi chaired Egypt’s delegation to the summit, who held a series of meetings with participating leaders in the summit and met the Egyptian community in Riyadh.

The first round of the summit was held in Kuwait in January 2009 and succeeded in reaching a number of important decisions on a common vision about how to face the global economic crisis, and a number of great integration projects.

These projects include Arab electricity linkage project, overland rail link plan, emergency program for Arab food security and Arab customs union, as well as the announcement of the initiative of the Emir of Kuwait to establish a fund to support small and medium size industries in the Arab world.

The second round, which was held in January 2011 in Sharm el-Sheikh, decided to follow up the implementation of the summit's decisions in its first round, overland link projects among Arab countries, connect Arab internet networks.

It had also decided on the World Bank’s initiative to support Islamic infrastructure projects, investment in human development and strengthening the ability of small and medium size industries in the Arab region, as well as enhancing the efforts to implement the millennium development goals and Arab projects to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem.

In his speech during the preparatory ministerial meeting in Riyadh on 19/1/2013, Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr stressed Egypt's commitment to protecting Arab and foreign investments, confirming that it has taken all measures to protect them, including the establishment of an economic council affiliated to the Presidency.

The Minister said the Egyptian economy will regain its strength, explaining that Egypt has production assets, diverse industries and large and skilled workforce, in addition to a large market that offers a lot of investment opportunities. He added that Egypt aimed at achieving accelerated growth rates.

The minister highlighted the achievements of the Arab countries at the level of joint Arab work over the past years. He said it is important to emphasize that cooperation and tangible achievements have not yet met the aspirations of our nation, which is fully aware that they have adequate resources and capabilities to achieve a better present and brighter future.

Amr stressed the importance of continuing to put forward creative ideas and new visions, which ensure the progress for this march and confronting the difficulties and challenges facing the Arab world.

President Morsi’s program on Monday 21/1/2013:

1. Arriving to Riyadh.
2. Meeting the Egyptian-Saudi Business Council.
3. Attending the Islamic Summit and delivering a speech.
4. Attending a dinner banquet.
5. Meeting members of Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia.
6. Leaving Riyadh and returning to Cairo.


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