24 July 2017 06:46 PM
Egypt, France finalize Cleopatra 2017 naval exercises

Egypt and France have finalized the naval exercises, code-named "Cleopatra 2017".

Global Fire: Egypt’s military ranked 10th most powerful World Wide

Egypt currently ranks 10 out of 133 countries for military power and is considered the first military power in the Arab world and Africa with progress in the final classification of armies, according to US-based military analysis website Global Fire.

Armed Forces launch security operations to hunt down terrorists in Rafah

The Armed Forces announced resuming security operations for the second day to hunt down terrorists in southern Rafah city.

Azhar condemns killing of police officer in Qalubiya

Al Azhar has condemned a "cowardly terrorist attack" that killed a police officer in Qalubiya earlier on Friday 07/07/2017.

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