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Baharia Oasis and sulfur eyes

Wednesday، 20 April 2016 - 03:34 PM

Baharia Oasis is situated 365 kilometers to the southern west of the town of Giza. The area besides being a place of archaeological importance and it contains foundations of medical tourism and environmental treatment.


Baharia Oasis will be within two years, one of the extensions of Greater Cairo zone after finishing its airport which will decrease the trip from Cairo to an hour only, instead of five hours by cars. Archaeological Tourism The most fabulous archaeological sites are the tombs of the 26th dynasty, the cemetery of Holy Birds, the remains of the Roman arch of victory, the remains of a temple dated back to the time of Alexander the Great.


There is also the tomb of the gold mummified crops that shed the light on an important period of Egyptian history at the beginning of the Roman era , Dr Zahy Hawas the great Egyptologist discovered the tomb which contains about ten thousands of gold mummifications.


The Tomb of the Oasis Ruler (the 26th Dynasty) the discovery encountered about one hundred gold coins besides a number of gold statues of different gods.


Baharia Oasis contains about four hundred warm and cold springs .


Scientific research made at the Egyptian Universities and foreign universities as well proved that the water is useful in the treatment of rheumatism, rheumatoid and skin diseases , that qualifies this area to be one of the best treatment resorts in the world because of its dry moderate climate and the shinning sun all the year round.


Baharia Oasis is famous among tourists of central Europe , western Europe and northern Europe as they come especially to it to have their treatment in the springs of well Halfa and its warm water about (30 degrees Celsius ) and sometimes the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius .


The archaeological sites are the Roman wells and the famous Beshmo well that has two sources of water , one of them is hot while the other is cold , both run to the same stony deep stream.


Treatment places in Baharia Oasis

The Hotel of El-Ein El-Sokhna has been built at the most high level in the Baharia Oasis , it contains 50 beds and 24 rooms, a gymnasium , a swimming pool , sauna .

Another International specialized center in environmental therapy will be built soon to benefit from the treating values of the wells and natural springs of the area.


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