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Statement by the Armed Forces on Thursday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday، 03 July 2013 - 12:00 AM

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

The Great People of Egypt

The Armed Forces could never turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the movement and call of the masses of the Egyptian people who summoned the Armed Forces' national and not the political role. The Armed Forces were themselves the first to announce that they are and will always remain away from the political action.

Out of their shrewd vision, the Armed Forces have sensed that the people, who ask their support, are not calling on them to take power or to rule, but to provide public service and the necessary protection to the demands of the people's revolution. That was the message the Armed Forces received from all metropolitans, cities and villages of Egypt. The Armed Forces, in turn, have taken the message to heart and understood its purpose and necessity and approached the political scene, hoping, willing and committed to all the limits of duty, responsibility and honesty.

Since November 2012, and over the last few months, the Armed Forces have been exerting strenuous efforts, both directly and indirectly, to contain the internal situation and achieve a national reconciliation among all political forces, including the Presidency of the Republic. These efforts began with a call for a national dialogue, which all national political forces have agreed upon. However, it was turned down by the Presidency in the last moments. Other calls and initiatives have followed since then.

The Armed Forces have more than once presented a strategic position estimate on the internal and external levels, which included the most serious challenges and risks facing the country on the security, economic, political and social levels and the vision of the Armed Forces as a national institution to contain the reasons of the social division, remove the causes of congestion and stand up to the challenges and risks to get out of the current crisis.

In a follow-up to the current crisis, the General Command of the Armed Forces has met the President of the Republic at the Kubbeh Palace on 22/6/2013, where I presented the opinion of the General Command and its rejection of the abuse of the State's national and religious institutions and also confirmed its rejection of intimidating and threatening the Egyptian people.

It was hoped that there will be a national reconciliation that puts forward a map for the future and provides the reasons for trust, assurance and stability for the Egyptian people in order to achieve their ambitions and hopes. However, the speech the President yesterday night before the 48-hour deadline comes to an end did not meet the demands of the masses of the people, which necessitated the Armed Forces, based on their historical and national responsibility, to consult with some of the symbols of national and political forces as well as youth, without exclusion or segregation of anyone. All participants agreed on the map of the future, which includes initial steps for building a strong and coherent Egyptian society which does not exclude anyone of its sons and currents and puts an end to the state of conflict and division.

This map includes the following:

* The suspension of the constitution temporarily.

* The President of the Supreme Constitutional Court will be sworn in before the General Assembly of the Court.

* Holding early presidential elections, with the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court running the affairs of the country during the transitional period until the election of a new president.

* The President of the Supreme Constitutional Court shall have the authority to issue constitutional declarations during the transitional phase.

* The formation of a strong and able government of national competencies, which enjoys all powers to run the current stage.

* The formation of a committee that comprises all spectra and expertise to review the proposed amendments to the constitution, which has been temporarily suspended.

* Calling on to the Supreme Constitutional Court to approve the law of the elections of the House of Representatives and start the procedures of preparation for these elections.

* The introduction of a media code of ethics which guarantees the freedom of media, achieves professional rules, credibility and impartiality and upholds the supreme interest of the homeland.

* Taking executive procedures to enable and integrate young people in the institutions of the State to become a partner in decision-making in their capacities as assistants to ministers and governors and in various executive positions.

* The formation of a higher committee for national reconciliation, which comprises credible figures accepted by all national elites and represents different trends.

The Armed Forces urge the great Egyptian people to adhere to peaceful demonstrations and avoid violence, which leads to more congestion and the shedding of innocent blood.

Out of their national and historical responsibility, the Armed Forces also warn that they will, in cooperation with the men and the Ministry of the Interior, stand with all strength and resolve, in accordance with the law, against any departure from peacefulness.

The Armed Forces extend salute and appreciation to the loyal and honorable men of Armed Forces, police and judiciary for their great national role and continuing sacrifices to maintain the safety and security of Egypt and its great people.

God save Egypt and its great and proud people

May Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon you

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