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Statement by H.E. Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry at a celebration marking the announcement of candidacy of Ambassador Moushira Khattab, the Egyptian candidate to the post of UNESCO Director General

Tuesday، 16 August 2016 - 04:39 PM

Cairo, July 19, 2016


H.E. the Prime Minister;

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Minister Moushira Khattab, our candidate to the UNESCO director general post;

In the beginning, I would like to laud nominating Mrs. Moushira Khattab as a candidate to the post of UNESCO director general. I will not delve into details explaining the qualifications of her excellency that led to her nomination to this post. She is a well-known figure and has several tangible achievements in several domains. She is an honorable model example of the Egyptian woman who is capable to achieve much success that was attested to in all the posts she held.

 Within this framework, and after the enjoyable cultural dialogue to which we just listened and after the distinguished speech of the Prime Minister, I will not speak too much. I will only review two developments in relation to our candidacy to the post of UNESCO director general:

 The first development: As you all know, the African Union Summit wrapped up yesterday in Kigali where the nomination of Minister Moushira Khattab to the post of UNESCO director general was proposed to the ministerial committee of nominations which is affiliated to the AU and then was proposed at the level of executive council of the AU. It was then proposed to the African presidents and leaders and the candidacy was adopted by the committee, the executive council and the summit, whereby Minister Moushira Khattab became the official candidate of Africa in the coming elections of the UNESCO director general post.

 Taking into consideration that the date of elections will be October 2017, the African ministers and leaders approved in an exceptional way adopting the Egyptian candidate early although common rules on this score inside the African Union would not allow this measure. This comes in appreciation of the major status of Egypt and its cultural and intellectual stock which naturally makes it on top of the list of countries eligible to hold that post together with the vast qualifications of the Egyptian candidate and her rich profile and diversified experience which make her a strong candidate to this important post. From this podium, I would like to thank officials in the African countries for their support to approve that nomination. I confirm to them that their candidate will be the best representative of our African Continent; a continent which is rich and which is seeking to hold its deserved status among the world peoples depending on knowledge and science to move ahead towards the future. I confirm also that she will be the best representative of the Arab civilization and its heritage and contributions to the human march in a way that boosts the high status of this civilization especially that we and the whole world are confronting a fierce campaign by terrorist organizations and the advocates of backwardness and exclusion of the other who are seeking to tarnish the Islamic Arab civilization in which more than one billion people in the world are taking pride. The Egyptian candidate is a unique example of the Arab, African and Mediterranean woman who contributed to the march of her homeland and nation with her experience and job.

As for the second development: It is needless to say that the Egyptian State institutions will pool all efforts together and extend all support for this nomination. They will use all the available potentials they have for promoting the candidacy in the proper way. This will be undertaken in coordination with friendly countries which pledged to use their contacts and relations with countries concerned in support of the Egyptian candidate.

More, and in an effort to make use, during the electoral campaign, of Egyptian scientists and high-level public figures who enjoy a good international reputation in various domains that are related to the work of UNESCO, an advisory council has been formed for the electoral campaign. The council groups a distinguished group of illustrious Egyptian people. The formation of the council was meant to include remarkable figures who have well-known experience or activities related to the fields of work of the organization in the fields of education, science, culture, archaeology, environment, sustainable development, communication and information technology. Also the council groups figures who have massive international relationships for serving the electoral campaign.

 It gives me honor to announce the formation of the advisory council of the electoral campaign of our candidate to the post of UNESCO director general. They are aligned in alphabetical order as follows:

-    Dr./ Ismail Serajeddin

-    Dr./ Gaber Asfour

-    Dr./ Zahi Hawwas

-    Mr./ Amr Badr

-    Dr./ Farouk el-Baz

-    Ambassador/ Fatima al-Zahraa Othman

-    Mr./ Mohammed Salmawe

-    Mr./ Mohamed Farid Khamis

-    Dr./  Mostafa el-Fiqqi

-    Dr./ Malak Zaalouk

-    Dr./ Nadia Makram Ebeid

-    Mr./ Nasser Abdel Latif

-    Mr./ Hisham al-Khazendar

-    Dr./ Hisham al-Sherif.

Thank you.                        

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