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Sports Tourism in Egypt

Tuesday، 22 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

Sport tourism is considered a significant means of tourism attraction, thus adding further pleasure to all tourists. Sport tourism includes diving and sliding on the water, fishing, riding yachts, in addition to the stadiums, gyms, swimming pools if the purpose stays courses and international competitions.  


It also includes mountain climbing in Egypt and the highlands and a lot of other sports such as cycling, running, and other regular sports ball feet - Handball - Basketball - athletics.


Several tourist attractions in Egypt have witnessed many sport competition as: International Safaga panels sailing, Egypt International Marathon in Luxor, the Red Sea International Competition. Seventh race for fishing, Hurghada International, Squash Championship in Hurghada, Egypt International Cycling race South Sinai.

The most important sporting tourist sites are:


-Charming beaches that spreads on both seas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red sea that extends to about 3000 km.


- The Red Sea is characterized by its clear water, its coral reefs, colorful rare fish and its mountains that stretching in a long chain along the sea between them there is a space that is fit for building camps.


- The coast of the Gulf of Aqaba have also a great facilities and enjoy the practice of sports: as diving, snorkeling and other marine sports.



- Golf clubs, Equestrian clubs,   and also Clubs for water sports, diving, fishing and kayaking.



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