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26/9/2016 "Alexandria"

Statement by President El Sisi at the inauguration ceremony of Bashayer El-Kheir housing project

Monday، 26 September 2016 - 03:45 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Monday attended the inauguration ceremony of Bashayer El-Kheir housing project in Gheit El-Enab in Alexandria. The project is part of a national plan for removing squatter areas nationwide.


In his speech at the ceremony, the president indicated that there was no reason for the killing of more than 160 people, in reference to the capsized boat at Rosetta off the Mediterranean coast that was carrying illegal migrants last week.


The practices of illegal migration should be confronted through cooperation between the State and the society. All State institutions should cooperate to confront illegal migration, added the president, noting that Egypt's land and maritime borders hit 5,000 kilometers in length.


A fish farming project will be set up in the area where that tragedy took place and it will be the largest fish farming project in Egypt, said the president, adding that the move is meant to give hope for those who are seeking illegal migration.


The president asserted that the State will not let down its young people and will help them launch small scale projects but this would take some time. The fish farming project started one year ago, said the president, adding that Gheit El-Anab project also took two years to be implemented through joint efforts.


"Our responsibility is to give young people hope", said the president,  adding that there will be many job opportunities in Kafr el-Shiekh where six or right factories will be set up each of which needs around 100 workers. Also the fish farming project that will be opened in three months needs from 5,000 to 6,000 workers, added the president.


The president underlined on this score the necessity of fighting red-tape, noting that Gheti El-Anab project was supposed to open before Eidul Adha but it was not ready back then.


The president highlighted in this regard the importance that every official in Egypt should concentrate in his job in light of the current challenges besetting Egypt. "Otherwise nothing will be achieved", he pointed out.


There is another project that is carried out by the State for setting up 170,000 housing units for residents of dangerous areas, said the president.


The president asserted that there is big hope for things to improve in Egypt. He noted that some powers are seeking to have Egypt a country of refugees. "But this will never happen", asserted the president, noting that the Egyptians should be aware of this fact to work hard and change their state of affairs to the better.


The president underlined on this score the role of the media for reviving hope in the minds of Egyptians.


The president also highlighted the importance of launching small and medium sized enterprises and help young people get the land and finance to start their projects.


The president concluded his speech by addressing all State officials and himself that they are responsible for reviving hope in the minds of all Egyptians through hard work and realizing achievements on the ground.

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