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The 45th Anniversary of October Victory

Thursday، 04 October 2018 - 12:00 AM

Egypt celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Egyptian Armed Forces victory over Israeli army in 1973 War. The Egyptian Armed forces have become a model example to be followed by in arts of wars. The brave Egyptian soldiers sacrificed their lives for the sake of the homeland to regain their land, rights and dignity. The 6th of October War has become a lesson to be taught in all current military institutions. The October War resulted in a number of positive changes on both the Arab and Regional arenas, for instance; made a change in the military standards and strategies worldwide, the Egyptian and Arab fighters restored back their confidence in themselves, leaders and their just issue, reestablish the cooperation among all Arab countries that made the Arab world an international power.

Development projects in Sinai

Egypt seeks to achieve sustainable development in Sinai as it is the best way to uproot terrorism. According to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi directives, agreements were made with Arab Funds to construct projects in Sinai to enhance the living standard of the citizens and provide job opportunities.
The government is keen on establishing schools, universities, medical centers and electricity and water stations. 
The most significant projects are:
- South Sinai development project
- King Salman bin AbdulAziz residential communities project
- Establishing a University in Toor city


Armed Forces celebrations

In the framework of 45th anniversary of October victory the armed forces organizes several activities, the most significant are:
- Producing a radio serial on October war martyrs.
- Holding a number of contests related to military battles, arts and history.

Celebrations in governorates

Governorates in Egypt are prepared to celebrate the October victory by inaugurating a number of projects, the most significant are:
- In North Sinai 2241 flats will be distributed, 11 schools will be inaugurated, two hospitals in Taba and Saint Catherine will be ready for inauguration and establishment of new trade zone will be announced.
- In Menoufiya 15 water stations will be inaugurated.
- In Kafr El Sheikh the first phase of the main electricity station in el Borols district will be inaugurated.  

Cultural celebrations

Several cultural events will be organized, the most significant are:
- Artistic events are being organized by centers affiliated to Cultural Development Fund.
- A theatrical play named Makamat Masreya (Egyptian Shrines) is being performed in Prince Taz palace. 
- A seminar, entitled "The will, belongingness and accomplishments", on October victory will be held on 12 October, given by Human Resource Professor Shaimaa Mahmoud Ismail and Ministry of Education supervisor Hala Mahmoud El Sayed. 
- Plastic Arts gallery will be inaugurated on 27 October, entitled "Fayrouz Land".

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