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Sharm El Sheikh Thursday, 27/10/2016

Statement by President El Sisi at closing session of 1st National Youth Conference

Thursday، 27 October 2016 - 10:30 PM

My sons and daughters.. the young people of Egypt.. her hope and dream..


Ladies and gentlemen.. dear guests..


I am addressing you today with mixed feelings of pleasure and hope. I am pleased to be standing with my sons and daughters of the Egyptian young people while I have hope over what I have seen during the past two days when I was surrounded by young people having dialogue with them and answering their questions or listening to their ideas and visions for the future. Actually, I am telling you from this tribune and while I am standing before this constellation of all the segments and representatives of the Egyptian society that the young people of Egypt were up to the level of responsibility. They came to this forum equipped with science and modernity raising the banner of enthusiasm and determination. They achieved the hoped-for goal in outlining a paper of national action that could be a guide to the Egyptian State; government and people, to achieve the goal of maintaining the Egyptian State and reconstructing it to be virtually a modern civil and democratic State that is capable of development and growth by the hands of its sons.


My sons and daughters.. ladies and gentlemen..


The activities and proceedings of the conference's general sessions and specialized workshops along with discussion sessions offered a great opportunity for all of us to exchange viewpoints and listen to the opinion and other opinion without any exclusion of anybody and also without downplaying or overplaying anything. The experiment was successful in proving to us that our young people are capable to adopt a democratic track to assert themselves and express their hopes and aspirations. This is the image we have about the young people of Egypt. I have confirmed before with all confidence that the young people of Egypt are the most devoted and enthusiastic and if they would find an opportunity for training and education they will be capable to overcome difficulties and stand up to challenges for attaining their goals and holding high the interests of their homeland.


Ladies and gentlemen.. dear guests..


Egypt is in the prime of her age and her young men and women, with their capabilities and big size, in number and quality, are representing a national wealth that should be invested to be a driving force to the development process and a major asset in the State's system and an active number in its equation. According to our public opinion research among young people and the studies we have compiled to get acquainted with the features of their interests and to assess their capabilities, the State has formed a clear image about the patterns of interest of the different segments of young people and has crystallized an all-out vision on means of addressing their issues and caring for their scientific, political, economic, cultural and societal priorities while maintaining viable and active channels of contact between the State's institutions and young people of different categories for holding dialogue and exchanging viewpoints on national and objective bases. The best example of this is the approach that was adopted during the Egyptian State's simulation sessions that were held by the young people of the Presidential Leadership Program. I confirm to the young people of Egypt that we do not care for a group of young people barring other groups. You should be sure that the real father loves all his children. I hope that a young man of Egypt would stand in my place one day.


My sons and daughters.. ladies and gentlemen..


My faith in the importance of investing in our young people as a national project for producing active energies in the State was the driving force for producing a realistic determination by the State to care for the young people and invest them according to their capabilities. Therefore and since I have assumed my office I have given young people an advanced number in the State's agenda. Designating the year 2016 as a year of the Egyptian young people was meant to unify efforts inside the State's institutions and the society for achieving a tangible progress in this file that has been suffering from marginalization and neglect for long time. Launching several major national projects is the best example that we are seeking to carve out a better future for our young people through increasing the State's assets and providing the required infrastructure to upgrade economic conditions.


My sons and daughters..


I was keen over the past two years to meet regularly with different segments of young people and listen to them. I was so happy with these meetings as I have felt in the young people an enthusiastic and sincere national spirit even if there were some of them who are different or reserved. All the young people of Egypt are my children. I am keen on listening to them without any reservations or restrictions as the ultimate goal is Egypt and its progress. This goal could create vast common areas that would group all of us.


My sons and daughters…ladies and gentlemen..


After what I have heard and listened during the activities of this conference, I have decided to invite you all inside and outside that hall to work together for maintaining this respectable example of the state of positive dialogue among the different State institutions, the society and the great young people of Egypt. This requires us to continue organizing this conference periodically in November every year. It could be preceded by organizing workshops and simulation sessions to achieve the hoped-for goal in a better and more comprehensive way. Let us have the state that was produced by this conference be maintained and spread in all parts of Egypt.


Ladies and gentlemen.. the young people of Egypt..


The magnitude of challenge facing the Egyptian State is big and the pace of developments at the regional and international levels requires us all to be on the alert and square up for confronting this challenge. All challenges whatever big will remain valueless as long as the Egyptians are aware of them and united in the face of them


Therefore, I call, from this forum and before the representatives of the Egyptian society and young people, for launching a continued dialogue and common spaces that group all of us; the State and people, without excluding anybody except those who resorted to violence and adopted the approach of terrorism. I would like to confirm that Egypt can embrace all except for those who would like to harm the Egyptian people.


My sons and daughters... the great young people of Egypt..


Out of my faith in your role and the visions and ideas you have proposed for upgrading your homeland and creating a successful national track that is capable of achieving your hopes; I decided the following:-

1.       Forming a national committee of young people under the direct supervision of the presidency to conduct, in coordination with the State bodies concerned, a comprehensive review of the status of young people who are held in custody and not yet convicted. The committee would submit its report within 15 days at most for taking the required measures according to each case and within the legal and constitutional powers granted to the president of the republic.

2.       Outlining a political vision by the presidency of the republic, in coordination with the Cabinet and a group of young people, for launching a national centre for training young people in the political, social, security and economic areas through fixed and stable approaches and systems supporting the Egyptian identity for creating young Egyptian cadres in all domains.

3.       Holding a monthly conference for young people, by the presidency of the republic, in coordination with the State bodies concerned, to be attended by an adequate number of representatives of young people from all segments and categories at which all recommendations issued by the first National Youth Conference will be reviewed. Also any other developments, until the second National Youth Conference in November 2017, will be discussed.

4.       The government, in coordination with other State bodies concerned, will study proposals and drafts for amending the protest law that were presented by young people at the conference. These proposals will be part of the draft laws that will be referred to the House of Representatives in its current session.

5.       The government will prepare for organizing a comprehensive societal dialogue for upgrading and reforming the educational system within one month at most. The dialogue is to be attended by all experts and specialists with a view to compiling a national working paper for reforming education outside the conventional methods and in accordance with the current challenges and economic conditions facing the State. The working paper, including all proposals and recommendations and resolutions will be presented at the monthly conference that will be held in December.

6.       Calling the young people of political parties and other political powers to prepare programs and policies that would contribute to spreading the culture of volunteer action through all political mechanisms. One of the first issues of these programs and policies will be adopting an initiative for ending illiteracy in all Egyptian governorates.

7.       Assigning the government, in coordination with the House of Representatives, to accelerate completing laws regulating the media and ending the formation of bodies and councils organizing the press and media.

8.       The government, in cooperation with Al-Azhar and the Egyptian Church and all State bodies concerned, will organize a plenary societal dialogue grouping all specialists, experts and intellectuals along with representatives of young people, to outline a national working paper that would be a comprehensive strategy for entrenching values, principles and morals and outline sound bases for rectifying the religious discourse within the framework of maintaining the Egyptian identity with all its cultural and historical dimensions.


In conclusion, I have all faith that the future of our nation is promising and that our ability to survive over thousands of years is the secret behind the greatness of the Egyptian people. I have also all faith that the young people of our nation are the password to the future and an epitome of hard work and determination in the present. Egypt will only survive thanks to the hands of its young people.


We always chant "Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt"


Thank you

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