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Sisi at funeral of church attack victims: Egypt will avenge the martyrs

Tuesday، 13 December 2016 - 02:29 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Monday 12/12/2016 asserted that Egypt will leave no stone unturned until the martyrs of the terrorist attack against the Boutroseya Church are avenged.


The remark was made during his participation in a military funeral procession of the martyrs. He added that all Egypt, not only the church, is bereaved by the attack, which took place on Sunday during the weekly Mass.


The president explained that the perpetrator of the crime is called Mahmoud Shafiq Mohamed Mostafa and he committed the attack by using an explosive belt. He is 22 years, said the president, adding that four suspects; three men and a woman, were arrested in connection to the crime.


This obnoxious crime reflects the state of despair from which the powers of evil are suffering, said the president, adding that these powers are conspiring against Egypt. The Egyptian Armed Forces and police are achieving major successes against terrorism in Sinai, the president pointed out, noting that this is the reason behind that state of despair and confusion of the powers of evil.


These powers failed to instigate the Egyptian people against the government capitalizing on economic conditions, he said. They have also tried to undermine tourism in Egypt but failed as well. This is why they are now targeting Egyptian Copts once against after they attacked 75 churches over the past years, said the president.


The powers of terrorism will never succeed this time as well because the Egyptians are united, the president pointed out.


Sisi urged the government and parliament to swiftly move for issuing laws addressing the issue of terrorism in a more decisive way and to amend laws that are hampering the judiciary from handing down deterrent punishments against anybody who would target the security of the Egyptians.


The president also extended condolences to all Egypt and the families of the victims.

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