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Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the celebration marking the Police Day

Wednesday، 25 January 2017 - 12:28 PM

Tuesday, 24/1/2017

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate


Allow me in the beginning to express all appreciation and respect, for my part and on behalf of all Egyptians, to the families of martyrs who offered their dearest for Egypt.


Members of the Police Authority.. ladies and gentlemen;


We are celebrating today a dear occasion to our hearts on which we recall the heroic actions of honest people who sacrificed all what they have so that this homeland would live in dignity. These men refused to surrender and preferred to resist and die bravely and in honor giving a marvelous example for the coming generation and confirming that the free and honorable Egypt deserves all sacrifices.


The honorable sons of Egypt;


Our celebration today marking the 65th anniversary of the Police Day is an occasion on which we recall from the homeland's never-ending memoir the values and principles for which our heroes sacrificed their dear lives. On top of these values comes the national dignity which attests to the greatness of this people and their time-honored civilization and their patience on the hardships of life along with their revolt with all vigor against injustice and oppression until they restore their rights. This national dignity which inspired the brave heroes of the police with their struggle and steadfastness in a disproportionate battle 65 years ago in Ismailia is the same which has led and is leading now the march of the homeland and its sons towards a better future.


While we remember the heroic actions of policemen in the past, we are expressing all appreciation and respect for their heroic actions in the present. Although the nature of challenges facing us has changed, patriotism and the strong mettle of policemen never changed. While the phenomenon of terrorism has been growing, the policemen have been as usual in the first ranks for confrontation side by side with their fellow braves heroes of the Armed Forces supported by the State agencies and institutions who are working in silence giving a great example that in Egypt there are men who pledged to provide security to the Egyptians and protect and defend this homeland.


I would like at this point to remind you all that when the Egyptians took to the street on July 26, 2013, they were aware of the magnitude of the challenge facing us. And now after the elapse of 40 months, we have been engaged in a noble and brave battle against an evil and malicious enemy in which the police and army men receive bullets in their hearts to save the Egyptians. In fact, all Egyptians are taking part in this battle through patience, steadfastness and awareness. All the Egyptian people prove day after another that they are a great and aware people. This battle is reminiscent of the attrition war after 1967 which was crowned with the victory of October 1973.


I would not be telling a secret if I tell you that large quantities of explosives and funds, that are meant to support and finance terrorism, are seized. Up to 1,000 tons of explosives, at a value of 400 million dollars, were seized; let alone what have been defused in Sinai. Recently, a smuggler has been arrested while having 30 million pounds. The whole world is well aware that we are fighting this war alone and with courage and honesty. Yesterday, when president Trump called me, he asked about the Egyptian economic situation and I told him that we have been fighting terrorism alone for 40 months now. I know that the Egyptians are strong and can achieve victory.


It is no secret that achieving the hoped-for progress and prosperity in all fields requires first a safe context and a stable ground. The recent developments we have experienced in our region over the past few years have re-affirmed the value of safety and security which were deemed in the past as self-evident. In fact maintaining security in a big country like Egypt requires great efforts, devotion and immense sacrifices.


The policemen, within thin framework, are exerting all efforts without waiting for any return except maintaining the security and safety of this honorable people who are aware of the dangerous challenges besetting Egypt therefore they are fully supporting their police and the institutions of their State.


I would like to point out on this score that Egypt is a State of institutions. These institutions should be preserved. I always say that all challenges could be overcome as long as the people are united. All plots against us are aimed at creating a state of division among the different segments of the people and between the police and the people or between the army and the people. We should respect all the State institutions and preserve them; including the army, police, judiciary, the parliament and the constitution. All these institutions should be respected as they are the guarantor for maintaining the Egyptian State. I urged these institutions to outline programs that are meant to enhance solidarity among each other and promote their relations with the people.


Ladies and gentlemen;


The great people of Egypt;


We express all appreciation and gratitude to the martyrs of the police for their heroic actions and sacrifices. I tell their sons and families that we will not forget them and will not forget you. Egypt will remain taking care of its great sons who sacrificed their lives for its sake.


I tell the families of every martyr or injured that all these martyrs and wounded are my sons. This is the feeling of all Egyptians. I feel the pains of every family when one of its members would be martyred or injured. I urge all Egyptians including young people, State agencies, men of culture and media people to revive a habit that was practiced in our society during the time of war when they would visit the injured in hospitals and give them moral support.


All appreciation goes to the wounded of the policemen. I tell them that the homeland is taking care of you until you fully recover. Your sacrifices are appreciated and respected by all the sons of this good people. I also extend all thanks and salute to the policemen who took part in peacekeeping missions outside the country for establishing peace and stability in friendly countries side by side with their fellow men of the Armed Forces to hold high the name of Egypt at the international level.


I would not miss extending all appreciation to the female policewomen for their important role in the society to spread a feeling of safety and security for the Egyptian woman who deserves all respect and good treatment on the Egyptian street. I would like to laud the Egyptian woman for her steadfastness and great sacrifices as she offered her sons for defending the homeland. I would like the Egyptian society to provide a good treatment for women in a way that reflects the civilized behavior of this great people.


I would not also miss the opportunity to thank the civil servants of the police agency who are contributing to the success of this national institution and to offering civil services to the citizens.


Ladies and gentlemen.. the sons of Egypt;


The battles that Egypt has entered to achieve its independence, freedom and dignity did not come to an end. Only the form has changed but the content remained the same. We are today engaged in a battle that is not less in importance or fierceness for achieving a comprehensive development and prove that the Egyptians are up to the level of big responsibilities and that were are capable of carving out the future and that we will win this battle thanks to the providence of Allah as we have won the battles of the past.


Many things have changed in Egypt over the past 60 years. Our population increased around 20 million to hit now more than 92 million. Given this big increase of more than four-folds compared to 1952, it was a must to increase our development efforts much more than this rate if we are really seeking to achieve real progress that is felt by all the people.


I would like to seize this opportunity to urge the government, governors and the citizens to cooperate for rendering successful the coming census that will start after a few days as it offers a good opportunity to obtain accurate information. Within this framework, I call also for studying the best means for maintaining the cohesion of the Egyptian family including passing a law to regulate the process of divorce so that it should be undertaken before the authorized official.


Without going into details, it is no secret to you how our economic condition was during the past years until we reached a critical situation with which no painkillers are viable. The need has arisen to start a comprehensive economic program and rectify the economic course to be able to build a better future for the coming generations.


Therefore, we have decided, after taking a pledge before Allah and before you to be honest, to work for the best interest of this people regardless of any other factors or considerations. We have started a massive economic reform that is aimed at addressing the root causes of the entrenched economic problems. We are working according to a comprehensive method for upgrading our national industry and improving its competitive edge. We support investment and the private sector. We are mobilizing our resources and interact with the world for providing a better life for all Egyptians. We know that there will be no reform without pain. We work strenuously for guaranteeing justice in shouldering the economic burdens and through easing the life for the needy people while putting our trust in Allah.


Amid this battle of reconstruction and development, the importance of maintaining security increases. Also the responsibilities of policemen increase as well for protecting the sovereignty of the law and standing vigilant for applying it while protecting the society against any violation of the law and preserving the right of the Egyptian people to guarantee their full right to citizenship and also their duty towards their homeland and society in a way that guarantees establishing the bases that allow our democracy to grow on a solid base and allow our society to enhance the values of equality and nondiscrimination among the sons of the same people as all are the same before the law. There is no difference between an Egyptian and another.


I would like to underline at this point that what we say about respecting human rights is not mere words. We assert the necessity that all State institutions should respect the rights of the Egyptian people.


Ladies and gentlemen.. the loyal policemen;


We thank you on your day and thank our brave martyrs. We thank also the retired policemen. We thank the great Egyptian people who are fully aware of the value of security and stability and are working to maintain them while appreciating the sincere efforts exerted by policemen in the service of this homeland.


May Allah preserve Egypt dignified and great to be always a safe and secured homeland and a beacon for progress and welfare.


Happy returns. Thank you.

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