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Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the occasion marking the sixth anniversary of January 25 Revolution

Saturday، 28 January 2017 - 02:18 PM

Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the occasion marking the sixth anniversary of January 25 Revolution


Wednesday, 25/1/2017


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate


The great people of Egypt;


We celebrate today the sixth anniversary of the revolution of the Egyptian people on January 25, 2011 which expressed the desire of Egyptians for change and their aspiration for building a new future for this homeland in which all citizens would live in dignity under the high banner of the Egyptian flag.


The great people of Egypt;


January revolution will remain a turning point in the history of Egypt where the Egyptians pinned great expectations in its beginning while the feeling of disappointment was unprecedented when the revolution lost its track after it was seized by people who have their own narrow interests and unpatriotic purposes. Therefore, the people launched a new revolution in June 2013 to rectify the course, restore the right of this people to maintain their identity, decide their future and stand up to the groups of terrorism and darkness while waging at the same time a major battle for development and economic and political reform together with other fields.


I have full confidence that history will do justice to this generation of Egyptians who bore up well during the difficult times of the past few years in an unimaginable way; so they managed to preserve their country against destruction and sabotage. The Egyptian people also started bravely reforming the economic conditions withstanding all difficulties with an unwavering will.


The honorable Egyptian people;


A fair evaluation of the situation in Egypt over the past few years will indicate that we are moving on the right path. We have completed the institutional set-up of our State including the constitution and the parliament which expressed the will of the people along with enhancing the principle of separation of authorities and the respect of law along with holding high the values of citizenship, tolerance and co-existence.


Also, we are maintaining our efforts for fighting obnoxious terrorism until we uproot it completely from the territories of Egypt. Meanwhile, our war against terrorism will not prevent us from fighting corruption which is not less in danger than terrorism. All this is done while we continue our efforts for economic reform and setting up major development projects on every inch of Egypt. We encourage small and medium enterprises and improve the local and foreign investment context in an effort to achieve the hope of all Egyptians for a bright future and prosperous economy along with a well-established State in which all citizens have equal opportunities for free and dignified life.


The loyal youth of Egypt;


Our struggle and efforts over the past six years were not in vain. Rather, these efforts and struggle resulted in a new reality which we build together through our sincere efforts and devotion.


The energy of change you have was the driving engine for this nation to stand up and move along the road of democracy and development. I tell you honestly that your patriotism and enthusiasm are very much appreciated and respected. We are now in need of your sincere efforts along the road of reform, reconstruction and development. Conditions in big nations like Egypt do not change radically in two shakes. Rather; change is attained through hard work and patience along with more efforts for entrenching the pillars of full citizenship and basic political, social and personal freedoms and maintaining the safety and stability of this dear and precious homeland.


Honorable sons of Egypt


All appreciation and respect go to the martyrs of the Egyptian people who sacrificed their lives. We tell them that their sacrifices will remain a source of inspiration and pride for all Egyptians. We will keep our pledge to maintain Egypt a free homeland for all Egyptians. We tell their families that you will remain under the care of the homeland while the memory of your and our heroes will remain live in the hearts of Egypt and the Egyptians.


Happy returns for our great people. I hope we celebrate the occasion next year while all Egyptians are safe and sound and enjoy peace and stability and our dear and dignified Egypt will be achieving more progress and prosperity.


Thank you.


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