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Statement by H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi at a session of the Second National Youth Conference in Aswan

Wednesday، 08 February 2017 - 12:06 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi asserted in his speech at a session of discussion with young people from Upper Egypt at the Second National Youth Conference that was held in Aswan that the young people of Egypt will carve out its future.


He explained that the young people of Egypt constitute up to 60 percent of its population.


Egypt is passing through a phase of drastic changes, he said, adding that any country in the world needs scores of years to feel the change. The president noted that all sectors in Egypt are confronting big challenges such as the sectors of electricity and railways.


The president urged the young people of Egypt to be aware of these big challenges that have accumulated over many years. The president further noted that Egypt is now in a state of growth while its utilities are not coping up with that growth. The Egyptian population was 20 million in number 50 years and now it is 92 million. Utilities were supposed to be upgraded to serve this number of people, he pointed out.


President Sisi noted that sanitary sewage projects of around 40 percent of the Egyptian villages out of a total number of 4,500 villages will be completed by mid 2018. He noted that only 10 percent or 450 villages had sanitary sewage when he took office.


The minister of housing has estimated the cost of upgrading and expanding the sanitary sewage network in the Egyptian towns and villages to be around 180 billion pounds, added the president.


As for industrial waste, the president said that several factories were re-operated including KIMA factory and studies were supposed to be compiled so that its waste should be safe to environment.


In fact, president Sisi, Egypt is facing many big challenges but the biggest of these challenges that faces Egypt and any country in the world is the economic challenge. If this challenge would be overcome, all hopes of the people will be achieved, he said, adding that education and health or any other sectors are serving the goal of overcoming the economic challenge.


As for the electricity sector, the president said that the cost of maintenance of the electricity sector hit 450 billion pounds so far. President Sisi pointed out that no investor will operate in Egypt while it suffers from an electricity problem. "We should work to overcome the challenges of economic development", said the president.


One of the challenges facing the Egyptians is getting aware of the magnitude of the problem so that they can solve it, added the president.


Also, housing is one of the major problems in Egypt. The State is ready with the planning and is capable of providing one million housing units, president Sisi pointed out.


The president noted that recent economic decisions were meant to overcome the economic problem in Egypt in a comprehensive and decisive way. "Everybody; the poor and the rich alike, are suffering due to these decisions", he said, explaining that these decisions were too late and all previous governments were concerned about the current reaction.


He further noted that renovating companies of the business sector in Egypt so that they can undertake their role in the national economy is facing big difficulties. These difficulties include a law or funding or worker-related issue, he pointed out, underlining the necessity of settling all these problems in a comprehensive way as each of them can not be settled separately.


The president asserted that apprehensions of the Egyptians over the Nile River water are very legitimate. "Life in Egypt depends on the Nile for 7,000 years now and we have no other source of water", said the president; adding that talks with the Ethiopian side on this score are going on well. He reassured that nobody could tamper with the Nile water as it is a matter of death and life.


As for the Palestinian issue, the president said that the issue of peace for the Palestinians is very critical and important. "We are driving home this message to the whole world and to the Israeli public opinion along with the US officials", he said; adding that there should be a chance for settling this issue.

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