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Statement by President El Sisi after meeting of National Defense Council

Monday، 10 April 2017 - 12:28 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Sunday 9/4/2017 asserted that the Egyptian people are standing up to terrorism with all bravery since June 30.


Addressing the nation after a meeting of the National Defense Council, president Sisi noted that the Egyptian people have been in a long and open-ended confrontation with fascist terrorist organizations that are supported and financed by some countries with arms and fighters.


He explained that the two terrorist attacks that hit two churches in Tanta and Alexandriaearlier in the day are desperate attempts to undermine the unity and cohesion of the Egyptian people. The terrorist groups have tried over the past period to hurt Egypt by different ways through hitting at tourism or perpetrating terrorist acts in some places. This attests to the steadfastness of the Egyptian people in their brave fight against terrorism, said the president.


The president, meanwhile, underlined the importance that the international community should hold to account the countries that are supporting terrorism and financing terrorist organizations. He urged all Egyptians to stand firmly in the face of terrorist attempts to shake the stability of the homeland. He expressed full confidence in the ability of the Egyptian people to defeat terrorism and saboteurs. He confirmed meanwhile determination to continue the process of building and reconstruction.


The president said, in light of the National Defense Council meeting, he decided to take several measures for fighting terrorism. These measures, he added, include announcing the state of emergency for three months nationwide after taking all required legal and constitutional measures. Also, these measures include intensifying efforts by security agencies to arrest the perpetrators of the two terrorist blasts against the two churches inTanta and Alexandria.


The president urged the media to tackle these events with credibility, responsibility and awareness. He further highlighted the necessity of enhancing efforts for rectifying the religious discourse.


The president announced establishing the Supreme Council on Fighting Terrorism and Extremism after issuing the required law regulating its activities and empowering it to undertake its job in a viable way.


In conclusion, the president urged the Egyptians to withstand this pain. He expressed appreciation and respect for what the Egyptian people have demonstrated of steadfastness over the past few years regarding enduring the consequences of terrorist operations or difficult economic decisions.


The president further asserted that nobody will be able to hurt Egypt.

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