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Cairo, 30/4/2017

Statement by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at ceremony marking Labor Day

Monday، 01 May 2017 - 12:23 PM

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate 

Brothers and sisters of honorable workers in all parts of the nation; 

The great Egyptian people; 

Ladies and gentlemen; 

I talk to you to today on the Labor Day. It is a day of every honorable Egyptian who is working hard and exerting all efforts for reconstructing the homeland and benefiting its people. I stand before you today with a heart of an Egyptian who is appreciating the efforts of every worker in his factory and in every site of production. I would like to remind you that our dear Egypt is waiting for much more from you to build together the pillars of the future for ourselves and for the coming generations as Egypt will only progress through your sincere efforts. 

The honorable workers of Egypt; 

The keenness of the State to celebrate the Labor Day annually reflects its respect and deep appreciation for their contribution in all sites of production. It also confirms their major role in pushing up the process of development to contribute to the progress of this great nation. 

I confirm on this occasion that the Egyptian worker is the real wealth of the nation and the heart of development. He is the launching pad towards a better future that will be reached through enhancing our national economy. As all heavenly religions recommended that work is some sort of worship, I also recommend you and myself to be honest and accurate while doing our job. Keep in mind that your homeland which is expecting an abundant production from your strenuous efforts is keen to maintain your rights. 

The great Egyptian people; 

Egypt has suffered over the past few years, like the majority of countries in the region, from dangerous challenges of economic, social and political dimensions. You may know how much these challenges are dangerous and you may also know that there is no way out to safety except through hard work. We are sure that success will only be achieved by hard workers and that nations are not built except through efforts of their sincere sons who have strong will. 

Terrorism comes on top of the challenges facing us. Egypt was one of the first countries that warned of terrorism. We have urged everybody to pool all efforts together to protect humanity from its evils and annihilate its direct or indirect root causes. The great Egyptian army and the brave policemen have waged and are still waging a relentless war against the different terrorist hotbeds especially in dear Sinai. We have suffered together from the scourges of treason and the pain of losing our beloved persons. The Egyptians, who impressed the enemies before the friends, have so much endured the consequences of protecting their homeland through offering sacrifices for the nation. So, our salute goes to the spirits of the martyrs of the nation whom we remember with all dignity and pride. We always confirm that they will remain alive in our hearts. We are capable through the providence of Allah to avenge them. We will lead a decent and secure life in our homeland whatever the sacrifices would be depending on our hands and defending our just cause fearing nothing. 

While we are confronting the challenge of terrorism, we continue amending our internal affairs out of awareness of the necessity of solving our long economic crises. This is why we have adopted an ambitious and comprehensive economic reform plan that is essentially based on supporting the national product, increasing exports and attracting more investments with a view to creating more jobs for young people and maximizing the benefits from their energy in the service of the nation. This is all aimed at providing a decent standard of living that is deserved by all Egyptians with the workers being in the heart of the scene. 

We have also issued directives to expedite the completion of several labor-related legislation organizing issues of workers and investment to create a stable atmosphere and reassuring relations between the two parties of the process of production. I hope that the parliament would issue as soon as possible this legislation so that we would start the process of development and pass through this phase successfully in an effort to establish the pillars of growth, progress and comprehensive development. 

Brothers and sisters; 

I hope that we lend more interest in the coming period to workers who are operating under hard work conditions atop of whom come the casual and irregular workers. I hope we would provide for them the legislative, health care and social cover which they deserve.


I hope that more efforts would be exerted to merge the irregular sector into the official economy to benefit from its potentials in supporting the national economy and to be able to provide for its workers the required protection and improve their skills to increase their productivity. 

Ladies and gentlemen; 

The State is very much interested in intensive-labor industries especially the weaving and spinning which accounts for more than one million workers. This industry could largely contribute to solving the unemployment problem. Therefore, we are working to upgrade the companies of high productivity in this strategic sector through adopting high technological methods and training workers on how to use these methods. This will actually help reduce cost and upgrade competitiveness of the local weaving and spinning factories in the face of products imported from abroad. We are also working to provide the required funding for the stalled factories or that which are suffering from failure to modernize their equipment and machines. 

Ladies and gentlemen; 

I call on the honest business owners to continue solving the problems facing their workers, maintain their rights and shoulder their social responsibility towards their homeland. We may all remember that we are partners in this homeland and that our destiny is in our hands. We all decide it through our efforts, hard work and cohesion. 

Ladies and gentlemen; 

In conclusion, I would like to express once again my thanks and appreciation of the honorable workers of Egypt. I salute all hard workers seeking to lead a decent life. I also salute the private sector which is an essential partner in the development process as it creates job opportunities for several people. I pray to Allah the Almighty to keep our country safe and sound and crown our sincere efforts with all success. 

Many happy returns; 

Thank you.

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