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Ismailia, April 25, 2017

Statement by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at closing session of third National Youth Conference

Monday، 01 May 2017 - 12:33 PM

My sons and daughters the young people of Egypt; 

Ladies and gentlemen distinguished guests; 

I am speaking to you today with all pride and dignity as I am standing on this precious part of our land that is much cherished in the conscience of our nation. This part of land is an eyewitness of the genius of place that was endowed by Allah the Almighty to Egypt and the Egyptians. I am standing on the banks of the eternal Suez Canal; the lifeline of peace which is carrying the message of peace and amity from the Egyptians to the entire world. This peace was made by the sacrifices of Egyptians. It will remain an epitome of glory and dignity throughout ages and will remain a point of contact between East and West. 

On the other side, the sacred land of Sinai appears to us. It is the land of prophets that was an eyewitness of the conversation of Allah with His Prophet Moses. It was also the safe passage of the holy trip for Jesus Christ – Peace be upon him – with which Allah the Almighty has sworn to Prophet Muhammad – may prayers and peace be upon him- in the Holy Quran. It is Sinai the Egyptian land for which the blood of righteous sons of this nation was spilled and is still spilled where every grain of its sand carries our dignity and our national glory. 

Reading the history of Sinai land and thinking of the flow of the canal water and the vitality of movement there confirm to me that my confidence in the capabilities of the Egyptians and their genius and the uniqueness of this homeland has never been baseless or a mere guesswork. This confidence and faith have been derived from an accurate and objective reading of the history that immortalized this homeland in its annals and destined the Egyptians to be civilization makers who spread welfare and carry the messages of peace and amity. 

There is no more evidence of the greatness of our nation than the sacrifices of the residents of the Canal cities and Sinai who are proving all the time their mettle, steadfastness and strong will. This strong will defeated all enemies of Egypt and its people. They have always been in the frontline in any confrontation of Egypt for its independence and dignity. I tell you the truth that the sacrifices of the residents of Port SaidIsmailiaSuez and Sinai were written with illuminous letters in the national record of our homeland. Thanks to these sacrifices we have managed to preserve the Egyptian dignity and honor. Nothing more marvelous than the cohesion between the residents of the Canal cities and the Armed Forces during the brutal tripartite aggression where the people in cooperation with the army have drawn a unique and distinguished picture that can not be deciphered by anybody who is not aware of the greatness of the Egyptian people and army. 

Ladies and gentlemen… honorable guests; 

We are celebrating these days the anniversary marking the liberation of dear Sinai. It is an event where all meanings of national unity were crystallized. The blood of both Egyptian Muslims and Christians were spilled on the land of Sinai for its liberation. Also, the political battle for restoring Sinai and then Taba was a clear example of the greatness of the Egyptian diplomacy. Harmony between the military and political force was strong and unwavering evidence that we are a great State. As I said before every right should be protected by power and each power should be guided by good reason that is capable to invest the potentials of the State and its strong elements to maintain its national security and fully restore its usurped rights. This is why we are required to think carefully on this anniversary to derive lessons and recall the tools through which this success was achieved and also to outline a road map for the future which we hope to carve out for building a modern and democratic State; a State of institutions and law that guarantees for all its citizens equality and justice and work to meet their needs within a context of recognition of rights, duties and responsibilities. It is a State where authorities are integrating with each other for achieving the higher interests. This State is seeking to improve the living conditions of its citizens and achieve higher rates of development indicators. 

Sons and daughters of Egypt… ladies and gentlemen; 

The Egyptian State is confronting several challenges at the security, economic and political levels. Also, the Egyptian Stateis confronting a bitter reality which plagued the whole region at a time when it is seeking to maintain its very existence and reconstruct its institutions. The Egyptian State is also seeking to achieve development and stability. All this comes at a time when the State is waging a relentless war against terrorism and corruption. 

The Egyptian State is waging a war against black terrorism which is seeking to impose chaos and violence in every part of the homeland. This terrorism has become fiercer and its tools have specifically developed. It became a big danger at the regional and international levels. The Egyptian State is relentlessly standing up with all its apparatuses and institutions to this danger. Those killers who deviated from the teachings of heavenly religions and sought destruction on earth and profaned religious sanctities and killed women and children should only be confronted and all their evils being uprooted from the Egyptian body through a comprehensive approach within which all security, political, societal and cultural efforts are integrated for drying up the sources of extremism and terrorism. I am urging from here the international and human community to shoulder its historical responsibility for unifying all international efforts for fighting terrorism at the political, security, cultural and intellectual levels. Also, I warn the States that sponsor terrorism and extend support to the killers that what they sow of evil is not far away from them. I am telling them that what they are doing is a violation of international laws and charters let alone being a crime against humanity. I confirm to all Egyptians that we will not give up our right to take revenge on those who supported terrorism and participated in shedding the clean Egyptian blood. 

The second challenge is corruption which is hampering the development efforts and seeking to undermine all attempts to achieve progress in the comprehensive development process. Therefore, we are confronting it through mechanisms and strategies that are working to benefit largely from modern technology and drying up the sources of corruption along with tracking down legally the corrupt. 

Despite all these challenges, we have a dream. Yes, we have a great dream that is commensurate with the greatness of our dear homeland "Egypt". We have a dream that is up to the sacrifices of this nation and we are working to achieve it for our sons and grandsons. We offer it as a gift to the martyrs in honor of their blood. But, national solidarity is a must in order to achieve this dream. Also, adopting modern technology and science is a must. We should also steer away from the narrow interests and benefits so that we achieve our hopes for a developed homeland. 

Ladies and gentlemen… the great young people of Egypt; 

The success of the idea of holding a national youth conference in creating channels of contact between the State and the youth in particular and all the segments of the society in general has been an incentive for me to expand the idea and repeat and develop it as one of the most important gains that were achieved during the year of youth. We should make sure that this idea will continue through expanding the scope of participation via diversifying its agenda which requires dialogue and an exchange of visions. In fact, I have a great pleasure when I am with my sons of the promising and enthusiastic young people of Egypt. I listen to them and discuss them to outline together a joint vision for the issues of the homeland. The formation of the Egyptian State simulations was very successful and admirable where enthusiastic and aware young people objectively discuss in a scientific way issues and problems which are facing the State and then put forth solutions away from any outbidding. Also the initiative of "Ask the President" was a new and viable mechanism for achieving contact between me and the public opinion within our common framework of transparency and credibility. 

The recommendations that were issued by the previous conferences had a major share of the State's agenda where implementing these recommendations became a must. Many of them were already achieved. This attests to the sincere will in listening to the young people and taking their objective opinions away from any personal interests. I have unlimited confidence in the young people of Egypt. I have full confidence that if they get the required grooming and real chance for assuming leading posts they will be up to the level of responsibility and will achieve for the homeland immense glories that are not less than those achieved by their fathers and grandfathers. Out of this unwavering faith, the State has achieved much progress in implementing the recommendation that was issued by Sharm el-Sheikh conference for setting up the national academy for training youth in cooperation with major specialized institutes and centers from the world countries. I formally declare sharing the youth of Egypt their invitation to the world youth for participating in the annual conference in Sharm el-Sheikh in October 2017- so that our message to the world be a message of peace, development and amity and to present the entire world with our promising youth who will carve out the future. I also declare my response to the invitation of young people of Egypt announcing the year 2018 a year for the people of special needs as they deserve from us all care and interest. 

Ladies and gentlemen…honorable guests; 

Egypt of the future for which we dream to be a reality on the ground needs from us all to stand united and steer away from any personal interests; placing only the homeland above all other considerations. This nation whose history is full of sacrifices needs from us hard work to pilot it to safety. We have to place the young people in the forefront of national action as they enter the battle of development and reconstruction equipped with science, enthusiasm and purity. We are in a critical juncture of the history of this nation. It is a juncture of passing the bridge between challenges and achievements. I have all confidence that we will pass to the future and will achieve our aspirations that are commensurate with the greatness of this homeland. 

Long Live Egypt…Long Live Egypt…Long Live Egypt. 

Thank you. 


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