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Sisi offers condolences to Egyptians over Minya terrorist attack

Saturday، 27 May 2017 - 01:36 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Friday 26/05/2017 offered condolences to the Egyptians after a terrorist attack that killed and injured dozens of Christians in Minya in southern Egypt.

"The terrorist attack and all other incidents seek toppling the State," the president said in a televised speech, adding that Daesh terrorist group’s strategy is to break the unity of the Egyptian people.

Sisi said that Daesh seeks to convey a message to the Christians of Egypt that the State cannot protect them.

"Follow up on the websites Daesh’s strategy against Egypt. They work on inciting sedition between Christians and Muslims," Sisi added.

"They have been working on this strategy over the recent months since the bombings in Boutrossiya Church in December and two other churches in Tanta and Alexandria in April," he said.

"Five or six months ago, I told the security agencies that their mission in Syria ended; they destroyed Syria already," he pointed out.

"And when the fighters started to leave Aleppo, I told the agencies that part of the fighters will come to Egypt and will move toward Sinai and the western area on the border with Libya," the president added.

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