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President Sisi, 3rd year in office

Thursday، 08 June 2017 - 03:59 PM

Three years of major achievements since Sisi took office


Three years have passed since President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has taken office. Since then, Egypt has been moving along a path of genuine and comprehensive reform in the local arena. This reform is based on diagnosing the problem and then studying a radical and direct solution through a viable program within a set period of time away from any rosy statements and slogans or pledges and temporary solutions which led the State in the past to be on the verge of collapse.


Within almost one thousand days since Sisi took over, several new concepts and orientations were established. These concepts are based on the principles of transparency and holding high the values of hard work and achievement for attaining development and progress for the current and coming generations. All this is being achieved at a time when another achievement is being realized at the regional and international levels through adopting a balanced foreign policy which is open to all world countries on the basis of mutual respect and constructive cooperation along with the respect of the independence of the national decision and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.


There is no doubt that one of the most important gains of this three-year period is restoring stability and security in a way that stopped an acute state of chaos that plagued Egypt on the heels January and June revolutions. Also one of these gains is hunting down the terrorist groups and deactivating their potentials in a way that contributed to minimizing their bloody operations paving the way for attracting more investments and starting the process of real development in an effort to overcome the economic crisis that hit the country. Meanwhile, the State was fighting another sort of terrorism which was sapping the potentials of the Egyptian society; which is corruption. So, the State decided to start a war against corruption, bribery, nepotism and negligence where hundreds of corrupt people were arrested.


The Egyptian people have proved throughout history their ability to thwart plots that target their development and progress. The Egyptians are well known for their intervention on time to ward off any dangers besetting them to spare themselves the fate of other sisterly Arab countries of time-honored cultures and civilizations which fell victim to conspiracies and lost parts of their lands to terrorist groups that are supported by some other countries which are now exposed to everybody.


The Egyptian people have endured with much patience the current economic reform plan. They endured high prices of commodities disregarding skeptics who have their own hidden agendas. The Egyptian people see their president and government along with the Armed Forces racing against time to overcome problems. They see the inauguration of several development projects in all parts of Egypt. The Egyptians see now that severe crises that plagued the country a few years ago such as the crises of energy and electricity are now over. Meanwhile, thousands of kilometers of roads and hundreds of flyovers and bridges along with tunnels are constructed using the state-of-the-art methods.


Meanwhile, other accumulated problems are being addressed in a radical way such as the problems of slums, housing, transport, agriculture, health care and education while several projects such as developing the Suez Canal zone and expanding the Suez Canal passage are launched.


All this is being achieved at a time when the State of democracy is being established which accepts the opinion and other opinion and adopts the principle of peaceful coexistence away from resorting to violence. It is a State which listens to the voice of young people and grooms them up for leading positions.


There is no doubt that stability of the internal situation and many stories of success in uprooting terrorism and popular solidarity along with the success of reform plans have been reflected positively on the view of the international community while interacting with the Egyptian foreign policy throughout the past three years. The situation has developed into an unprecedented positive level after Egypt has adopted a balanced approach in its relations with the various international powers. This approach is based on constructive cooperation for implementing the development plan which is adopted by the Egyptian government.


Also, the world leaders have appreciated the Egyptian vision regarding several regional and international issues. This stance has been manifest through the several meetings held between the president and other leaders and senior officials in Egypt along with his foreign visits to several countries which led to establishing strong and viable relations of friendship with sisterly Arab and African countries together with enhancing joint cooperation with European, Asian and Latin American countries. Also, relations of understanding and cooperation were established especially with the United States, Russia, China and France.


President Sisi has overcome, during his three years in power, a very bleak situation where chaos and anarchy had prevailed and powers of darkness and evil were unleashed wreaking havoc in Egypt under the cloak of religion and patriotism. The president has shouldered the responsibility with all bravery and honesty in the face of all obstacles and hindrances. He moved ahead to put the country back on track so that it can forge ahead towards a bright and promising future that is commensurate with the steadfast Egyptian people who believe that Egypt should restore its leading role at the regional and international levels.

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