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Statement by President Sisi on the occasion of June 30 Revolution

Saturday، 01 July 2017 - 10:50 AM

The great Egyptian people,


Days and years elapse while the anniversary of these glorious days of the history of our people remains luminous and eternal in our hearts.


On these days four years ago, our great people proved once again that they are much more aware than their enemies would expect. They proved that their will is much stronger than their enemies, who tried to defeat their will, would think. They proved to have a mettle which is much stronger than the wicked people who targeted them.


On these glorious days four years ago, the Egyptians revolted in unprecedented numbers; men and women, young and old people, to write a unique patriotic epic for defending the homeland; its soil and identity and its independence and freedom, against some powers who thought they would succeed to control this people.


The June 30 Revolution was a unique example in the history of popular revolutions where the people would revolt and announce their clear and evident will so that all national institutions of their State have to respond in a historic scene that will never be forgotten by those who lived this experience. It will remain a source of inspiration for the coming generations of our sons and daughters.


The honorable sons of Egypt,


Historians and analysts will think so long of the June 30 Revolution. Allow me on this score to single out three tracks of the revolution since its outbreak in 2013 until now. These tracks include fighting terrorism, standing up to foreign powers that are supporting it and achieving political and economic development.


The first track of the revolution started with rejecting the religious fascist regime and rejecting seizing power along with standing up to terrorism and violence that would result from this rejection. The revolution announced since its beginning that the people of Egypt do not and will not accept the hegemony of any group or category even under the cloak of religion. The Egyptian people confirmed once again their eternal wisdom and their awareness that religion applies to Allah while the homeland is for everybody. So, Egypt refused submission to terrorism whether physical or moral. The people ordered their Armed Forces and police to confront terrorism and uproot it. And now, and after four years, we all see the great sacrifices of the sons of the Egyptian Armed Forces and police. We stand up in respect to these sacrifices and we all renew our pledge that we will go ahead in our fair and honorable battle until we achieve victory.


The second track of the glorious June 30 Revolution was standing up to foreign powers that are supporting terrorism and extremist groups. The June Revolution heralded a confrontation that is bigger that mere getting rid of an oppressive regime. Rather, the revolution was a beginning for Egypt to restore its active regional role and its confrontation with countries that are wreaking havoc in the region through financing and sponsoring terrorism and terrorist groups. Also, Egypt started supporting sisterly countries for maintaining their sovereignty and territorial integrity and rebuilding their national institutions.


Today and after the elapse of four years, Egypt now has a heard voice and its vision for restoring stability in the Middle East is very much appreciated and being implemented. The hidden intentions of some sisterly countries and others became clear now. Everybody now has to shoulder their responsibilities as nobody is allowed to tamper with the life and potentials of peoples. Egypt will keep its pledge before its people and before sisterly and friendly countries of remaining a power that is working for achieving stability, peace, security and prosperity.


The third and last track that was approved by the Egyptian people in their revolution on June 30 was the track of political and economic development.


As for the political level, we have announced and implemented a political road map whereby the constitutional institutions of the State were completed to achieve political stability in Egypt and to hold high the will of the Egyptian people after a critical period of instability under which no development or progress could be achieved.


As for the economic level, several major projects were launched nationwide. An ambitious and serious economic reform program has started with a view to changing the reality of Egypt and solving so long economic problems and crises.


And today, despite the fact that changing the reality of peoples takes long time, we should be proud of our achievements that were realized every day. Any fair party can not disregard the remarkable development efforts that are exerted in Egypt regarding the political will for reform or the improvement of holistic economic indicators or improving the investment atmosphere and encouraging the local and foreign private sector to pump more investments for providing more jobs and increasing the rates of economic growth.


The great Egyptian people,


I wanted to renew our pledge to you for maintaining work day and night for completing the three tracks of the June 30 Revolution. Allow me in conclusion to greet you the sons and daughters of this good and blessed land and greet also the Egyptian people who rejected extremism and terrorism and insisted to maintain the identity of Egypt that was carved out by history over centuries to remain a nation for all its sons without any discrimination and also to remain an edifice for our region against chaos and destruction.


I would like to greet this people who understood with wisdom and awareness the difficult decisions that have to be taken and who tolerate with patience and dignity the difficulties of economic reform and who are looking towards the future with confidence and trust in Allah.


I would like to greet you with all respect and appreciation. Happy returns while dear Egypt is achieving all progress.


Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt.


Thank you.

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