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Andalus Garden

Sunday، 27 August 2017 - 01:12 PM

The Andalus Garden, or 'Hadikat Al-Andalus', is located in Gezira between Qasr al-Nil Bridge and Sixth October Bridge. This is a wonderful little park located in the southern part of Zamalek Island, just minutes away from the downtown area.

The Andalus Garden was established in 1929 by Zulfugar Pasha as a present to his wife. This garden covers an area of 8,400 square meters.

The park itself is very pleasant with well kept greenery, walkways, and benches from where one can quietly observe the Nile and crossing-by feluccas. A quite walk along the Nile banks while admiring the scenery of lush gardens and beautiful landscapes.

The park is laid out in a Moorish and Arabic style. The park is divided in three sections. The first section is mainly composed of narrow passages with different trees and plantation surrounding them and several replicas of ancient Egyptian statues. There are two round terraces at the edge of the park where you can enjoy refreshments apart from several well hidden sitting areas in covered green sheds. Palm trees tower the garden giving an admirable feeling of seclusion from the surrounding streets while at the same time, well defining the paved passageways.

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