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SIS report on President Sisi’s Participation in UNGA Meeting

Monday، 18 September 2017 - 01:57 PM

According to a report released by the SIS over the harvest of President El-Sisi’s visits to the UN in the past three years, such visits had given Egypt the chance to convey its comprehensive vision about the issues of the Middle East, Africa, and the world from this highest international platform. The visits also included tens of bilateral and collective summits that achieve Egypt’s interests and boost its status and international relations.

In this vein, Egypt has worked to enhancing and activating its relations with the UN through expressing its commitment to push the efforts of the international organization forward in the field of peaceful settlement of conflicts, especially in the Middle East and Africa, at the same time, reiterating the keenness of the Egyptian foreign policy on resuming its active role within the framework of maintaining international peace and security, especially in light of its current membership in the Security Council and the African Peace and Security Council, in addition to its active participation in the peacekeeping operations and all international activities that are committed to realize the international peace and security and stability for all peoples worldwide.

During President El-Sisi’s three consecutive visits to New York for attending the meetings of the 69th, 70th and 71st sessions of the UN General Assembly , the constants of Egypt’s foreign policy, which he has adopted since assuming office, figured high in light of arranging the agenda of the Egyptian diplomacy .

In this vein, whether in his addresses to the UN or during his participations in the UN all events and scores of meetings with the head of states and governments and the international economic entities, president El-Sisi was keen to crystallize his vision on keeping Egypt safe and re-establishing its institutions according to modern democratic foundations. El-Sisi was also keen to clarify Egypt’s stances towards several important issues, on top of which are Egypt’s vision as regards counter terrorism and the efforts exerted in this respect. The files of counter-terrorism, combating the extremist thought and boosting the local economy had constituted a common factor in President El-Sisi’s agenda during his visits to New York for being fundamental pillars and strategic options of the incumbent Egyptian foreign policy. In this respect, the Egyptian movement within the international order is based on two main axes:

First: The Egyptian diplomacy work for the service of the Egyptian economy, which is of top priority. The economic file, enhancing the Egyptian economy and providing the appropriate environment for attracting foreign investments were paid the greatest attention by the President during the past three visits to New York  through functioning the Egyptian foreign policy movements in order to serve economy and the development process in the framework of what is called “Diplomacy of Development.”

The President was keen to hold intensified meetings with businessmen, representatives of companies and global economic entities as well as joint business councils. In these meetings, the President has reviewed the procedures and legislations that have been taken in Egypt to attract the direct foreign investments on top of which are combating corruption, uprooting red tape and bureaucracy.

Second: The necessity to crystallize an international strategy against terrorism and provide guarantees to protect the Egyptian national security and combating terrorism.

President El-Sisi many times reiterated that the file of combating terrorism and facing extremism has been given a top priority by Egypt, so in every occasion, the President highlights the terrorism hazards and the necessity to unify the international efforts to combat and uproot it. Also, he warns against its consequences, spreading and moving across the international borders in addition to deal with the terrorism file from a comprehensive perspective.

SIS report tackles President El-Sisi’s first participation in UN 69th General Assembly session and Climate Summit in September 2014, as the international community realized the reality of what had happened in Egypt as well as UN fully supported Egypt in achieving stability and development.

During his first visit to New York on September 21-25, President El-Sisi presided over Egypt’s delegation to attend the UN meetings and delivered a speech on behalf of the Arab Group to the climate conference, held on the sidelines of these meetings. The President met 40 presidents and head of states, U.S politicians, businessmen, intellectuals and media men. In his meeting with UN Secretary-General that time, Ban Ki-moon expressed UN full support to Egypt and its efforts to counter terrorism. He praised also Egypt’s persistent efforts in the Middle East.

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