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Alexandria National Museum

Tuesday، 26 September 2017 - 03:01 PM

The National Museum of Alexandria opened to the public in 2003. Its collections are housed in an early 20th century villa, which was built for the wealthy merchant Al-Saad Bassili Pasha and was more recently home to the American consulate. The museum documents the history of Alexandria from the Pharaonic era through the 19th century.  Its 1,800 objects include statues recovered from under the waters of Alexandria’s bay, Coptic icons, weapons, and chinaware. Labels are in Arabic and English. Alexandria National Museum nicely sums up the history of Alexandria in the three floors. On your trip to this aged city wander through the beautiful palace and see the artifacts from the four main ages of Egypt: Ancient, Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic, there is also an array of more modern items such as royal jewels and an interesting collection of antique coins. Learn about the interesting history of Alexandria as you explore the different chambers which are colour coordinated to the period of their displays
110 Horreya Street, Downtown Alexandria
BY TAXI: ask for “met-haf al-iskandariya al-qawmiyya”
library, bookstore
The museum is not wheelchair accessible.
Supreme Council of Antiquities & Egyptian Tourism Authority

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