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Military Relations

Thursday، 02 November 2017 - 02:20 PM

Military cooperation between Egypt and Jordan is one of the main components of the relations between the two countries. The bilateral military relations take several forms such as joint military exercises. Academically, Jordan is one of the Arab countries whose citizens study in Egypt’s military colleges, including the College of Command and Staff, which awards annually a master's degree in military science.

Joint Military exercises

The exchange of military exercises and joint training is one of the most important constants of the military relations between Egypt and Jordan. The armed forces of the two countries participated in several military drills including: Ein Ghalot and Aqaba drills.

On 7/11/2016, the activities of Egyptian-Jordanian joint drills “Aqba 2016” wrapped up. The military exercises, codenamed “Aqaba 2016”, were conducted in the participation of ground, air and navy forces from both sides. The two sides began the wargames conducted in southern Jordan. The drills aim at boosting military relations between the two countries through training the participating troops on implementing various tasks using available resources to overcome current and possible security threats jeopardizing security and stability in the region. The two countries held a similar drill last year.

On 29/12/2015, Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief and Defense Minister Sedqi Sobhi and Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff Mashal Mohammad al Zaben attended joint military drills codenamed "Aqaba 2015". Elements of the Egyptian and Jordanian special units are participating in the exercises aimed at promoting military cooperation and partnership between the two countries to support security and stability efforts in the region. Non-traditional military training was conducted on fighting organized terror groups, freeing hostages, raiding suspected vessels and attacking hostile coastal targets. The training showed the professionalism of participating units and their ability to conduct joint tasks under different circumstances. The main phase of the training included a simulation of a comprehensive operation to raid an inhabited border town, infiltrated by armed terror groups. Joint elements from the Special Forces' Commandos and Paratroopers and the Navy Special Units from both countries participated in the maneuver to raid the border town from the ground and sea, clear it from terror militants and free hostages.

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