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Egypt: Discovery of void inside Khufu’s Pyramid needs more study

Friday، 03 November 2017 - 01:18 PM
Egypt's Great Pyramids

The Ministry of Antiquities on Thursday denounced hasty publication of a study on mysterious void discovered in Egypt's Great Pyramid by researchers of the Scan Pyramids project.


In a statement, the Supreme Council of Antiquities said the discovery will undergo further studies and researches.


The announcement that was published by renowned newspapers used promotional terms such as ‘a discovery’ and "finding a plane-sized void inside the Great Pyramid" to take eyes of the readers to publishing, the statement said.


The Scan Pyramids project should have run in line with scientific research guidelines away from heated media coverage, the ministry added.


The exceptional scientific mission, that announced the finding, was launched on October 25, 2015 under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the statement noted, adding that the results of their research were presented to an international committee under Prominent Egyptologist and former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass.


The committee comprises scientists and Egyptologists from the US, Germany and the Czech Republic, the ministry added.


In their feedback on the researchers’ findings, the committed asserted they have previous knowledge about multiple spaces inside the Greet Pyramid of Giza which remain unclear, recommending more studies to be conducted.


In this context, the committee recommended that the team would go ahead with the study and be committed to scientific steps, including publishing the finding in an international journal magazine such Nature instead of addressing the media.


The ministry is waiting for the results of the research project and will organize a seminar to announce the results and the best decision to be made in this regard, the statement added.


Under the “Scan Pyramids” project, the most innovative technologies will be used by researchers of international renown and three major universities: the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University, Université Laval of Quebec and Nagoya University of Japan to probe the heart of the largest pyramids of Egypt.



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