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Egypt and Sudan

Wednesday، 22 November 2017 - 12:00 AM

Relations between Egypt and Sudan are historical and deeply-rooted owing  namely to the existence of the River Nile  which nourishes life in both countries being the foundation stone for many common projects. Both peoples have been engaged together by marriage relations so that the vast majority of Aswan people have Sudanese origins. 

Although Sudan is a geographical extension of Egypt, it has been officially associated with Egypt since the armies of Muhammad Ali had entered Sudan in 1820 to be ever since one state. Occupation forces failed to  break the Egyptian-Sudanese  bonds despite their continuous endeavors.

.After the July revolution in 1952, and the adoption of a policy that promotes liberation value and self-determination right  for all peoples, Sudan attained its   right in independence in 1956. 

Since then, the political relations between the two countries have always been stable. Egypt has always been keen on preserving the stability and security of Sudan being directly linked to Egypt’s own national security . Although Sudan  politically witnessed several political repercussions upon top of which was  the change of ruling systems  and the south  and Darfur crises, Egypt was keen to deal positively with them so as not to negatively affect its security and stability.

After the June 30 revolution, the Egyptian policy has been keen to establish relations of privacy  and  deep understanding with Sudan, developing joint economic relations and making a quantum leap compatible with the  aspirations of the two peoples.

The two countries are keen to strengthen their relations in the various fields. Sudan is the only country having  a consulate in the province of Aswan, which indicates the growing rate  of trade. The consulate's role is not limited to  trade and economic relations, but extends to include other fields.





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