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SIS: Al-Rawda Mosque crime reveals despair and inability of terrorist groups

Friday، 24 November 2017 - 09:49 PM

The State Information Service (SIS), as it was shocked by the gravity and nature of the horrible barbaric crime committed by the terrorists in Al-Rawda Mosque in the North Sinai city of Arish, offers its deep condolences to the families of the killed and the injured as well as all the Egyptian citizens inside and outside Egypt. SIS stresses full confidence in the ability of the Egyptian people, leadership, Armed Forces and policemen to deter terrorism and uproot this misled group that is hostile to all human values, clear Egypt's lands from them and deter their funders and supporters who provide them with money and weapons as well as the misleading media from countries and organizations inside and outside the region.

Meanwhile, SIS confirms that the initial reading of the aspects of this crime uncovers several facts, exposes many situations and bears a number of indications including:

First: This crime confirms the barbaric nature of the terrorist organizations Egypt is facing, which do not hesitate to commit the most heinous crimes in the human history without any deterrence of religion or belonging to humanity.

Second: This crime reveals a clear change in the technique of those terrorists and in the nature of their targets. It exposes the weakness, despair and collapse hitting such groups in their capabilities under the pressure of effective security confrontation, the matter which led them to turn their eyes to the easiest targets even if it was a mosque grouping innocent worshipers from different ages, thus violating all teachings of the upright Islam.

Third: This crime also reflects the extremist thought of such organizations, which tried to disguise under the religion sometimes and wear the cloak of politics other times. After targeting the Armed Forces and police men, State institutions as well as the Egyptian Christians and their worship places under false religious pretexts, they moved today to attack mosques and kill innocent civilian Muslims while performing prayers, the matter which represents unprecedented crime committed only by "Al-Khawarej" groups that accuse Muslims of infidelity and kill them.

Fourth: Despite the terrible crime of Al-Rawda Mosque and the previous terrorist operations, it is sure that the overwhelming majority of terrorist operations take place only in a limited area of the country in Northeastern Sinai which is no more than 30 square kilometers out of Egypt's total area which is estimated at one million square kilometers. Accordingly, Egypt as a State, society and region is still, with its overwhelming majority, far from the hands of bloody terrorist groups.

Fifth: Today, it has become crystal clear, leaving no room to doubts, that the real target of terrorist groups has always been the Egyptian people; their security, stability, sources of livelihood, the solid unity of all Egyptians and the lives of innocent people. The real target is neither a political regime nor a particular category; Egypt is the real target. The battle has become so clear in this decisive stage; all Egyptians are lining up in the face of a paid rogue group sponsored by the enemies of Egypt and humanity abroad.

Sixth: This brutal crime sends a clear message to some international media outlets that have been quite evasive to the last minute to clearly use the term “terrorism”; today, there is neither a place nor an excuse for those who are determined to use ambiguous terms such as the so-called “armed opposition”, “political violence”, "fighters", "conflict with the regime" or "confrontation with gunmen". Now, if some international outlets do not acknowledge up till now that what is taking place is “terrorism”, and that these criminals and murderers are “enemies of humanity”, so they would be partners to those terrorists either by encouragement, evasion or camouflage regarding this sort of crimes.  

Seventh: This heinous crime is an alarm to all organizations that trade in raising high the banners of “human rights and freedoms” ; it is time for them to become aware that their fabricated reports that are teeming with exaggerations and false information would render these organizations “accomplices” in giving an excuse, albeit inadvertently, to these crimes and their perpetrators. Today, those who pay lip service to “freedoms of terrorists” must adopt a decisive position and express, even in a few words, their full support of the rights of innocent victims to live and freely practice religious rituals inside worship places.

Eighth: It is a message to the whole world today including its states and international organizations that it is time for an effective and serious action to confront terrorism and to hit with an iron grip those who fund and support it with weapons and training while justifying its crimes with misleading media, taking into account that those are well known to the whole world. Egypt has stressed over and over again from all international forums the importance of stopping this terrorism, as the world's reluctance to uproot its support and finance will lead to spreading its evil everywhere in the world.

Egypt; people and leadership will continue to confront courageously terrorism and defend citizens on behalf of humanity. Victory in this battle is inevitable to the people of Egypt as the near and far chapters of history are written as well.

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