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Press Conference by SIS Chairman on Al-Rawda Mosque Attack

Saturday، 25 November 2017 - 01:32 PM

State Information Service (SIS) Chairman, Diaa Rashwan held a press conference with foreign correspondents on Al-Rawda Mosque attack.

He clarified that the terrorist attack, which took place on Friday 24/11/2017 at Al-Rawda Mosque in Bir al-Abed in Arish, aimed at destabilizing Egypt and dividing the Egyptian people, adding that today's crime is a message to some media outlets that attempted to downplay the armed terrorism occurring in Egypt.

The Chairman added this crime reveals a clear change in the tactics of those terrorists. It uncovers the weakness, despair and collapse of such groups in the face of active security confrontation, the matter which led them to turn their eyes to the easiest targets even if it was a mosque grouping innocent worshipers. This crime also reflects the extreme thought of such organizations, which are bombing mosques wearing the coat of religion, the matter which represents unprecedented crime committed only by "Al-Khawarej" groups that accuse Muslims of infidelity.

Rashwan said "This heinous crime is an alarm to all organizations that trade in raising high the banners of “human rights and freedoms” ; it is time for them to become aware that their fabricated reports that are teeming with exaggerations and false information would render these organizations “partners” in giving an excuse, albeit inadvertently, to these crimes and their perpetrators. Today, those who pay lip service to “freedoms of terrorists” must adopt a decisive position and express, even in a few words, their full support of the rights of innocent victims to live and freely practice religious rituals inside worship places.

It is time to hit with an iron grip those terrorist groups. Egypt has stressed over and over again from all international forums the importance of stopping this terrorism. Egypt will continue fighting against terrorism and the victory in this battle is inevitable to the people of Egypt, Rashwan added.

 SIS: Al-Rawda Mosque crime reveals despair and inability of terrorist groups




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