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Sisi urges continued efforts to boost joint African action

Friday، 08 December 2017 - 05:18 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Friday 08/12/2017 stressed the need to continue efforts to boost the joint African action in a way that reflects "our vision on the future of Africa as aspired by its peoples."

Opening the Africa 2017 forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Sisi welcomed the participants to the forum.

African nations are working hard together for the second consecutive year to boost their joint action, the Egyptian leader said.

Sharm el Sheikh hosted the first edition of the African forum last year.

The President said that achieving African nations' aspiration to a better future requires hard work, which began in Sharm El Sheikh at all levels.

He explained that attracting FDIs and capital flows to Africa represents a new reality to the continent and puts it in the position it deserves on the world economic map, contributes to achieving socio-economic justice to the African peoples and opening new horizons for their future.

Sisi reaffirmed that the future of Egypt, as an African country, is linked to the future of all African nations.

Egypt attaches great importance to shore up all efforts aimed at achieving economic integration in Africa with the view to attaining the goals of the African Union Agenda 2063, which is a strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the continent over the next 50 years.

In the conclusion of his speech, Sisi wished success to the participants in the African 2017 forum, expressing his confidence that they will exert utmost efforts to contribute to the development of mechanisms of regional integration and boost national market competitiveness with the view to increasing investments and developing the research and innovation fields.

Egypt will always support issues of the African continent and it will remain a partner to African nations in developing the continent to achieve interests of the African peoples, who aspire for sustainable development, Sisi added.

Sisi said that Egypt was keen to host the second edition of Africa 2017 forum so that the forum could be a chance to exchange expertise, ideas and work together on developing mechanisms to encourage investments. He underlined the government's economic reform program and the ongoing sustainable growth in Egypt.

He went on to say Egypt is working on developing a number of major national projects and setting an investment map, which includes all investment opportunities across the country.

The President pointed out to the issuance of the new investment law and its executive regulation that give more incentives for investors and easing the required procedures for investors. The new law aims to increase local and foreign investments and encourage the participation of the private sector in national projects.

Sisi underlined Egypt's efforts to ease investments of African countries in the country.

Egypt continues to exert efforts to meet its commitment towards integration in Africa in light of the African Union's initiatives and regional projects which aim to develop the infrastructure in the continent and establish networks to link African countries together, as well as achieving integration.

The President underscored the navigation line project that links Victoria lake with the Mediterranean sea and the Cairo-Cape Town road project, which aims to boost trade exchange between African countries.

He said that the government encourages Egyptian investors to do business in African countries, especially in the construction, infrastructure, energy, mining, agriculture, communication and information technology fields.

He underlined the volume of Egyptian investments in Africa during last year amounted to more than 1 billion dollars, with the cumulative total reaching 9 billion dollars, a matter that helps securing jobs for youths of the African continent.

President Sisi concluded his speech before the Africa 2017 forum by wishing success to the activities of the forum.

Sisi expressed his confidence that the participants will exert all their efforts to contribute effectively in developing the mechanisms of regional integration, as well as boosting market competitiveness to attract more investments with the view to developing the research and innovation fields.


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