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Statement by the Ministry of the Interior

Interior Ministry uncovers scheme by HASM

Sunday، 31 December 2017 - 10:36 AM

Within the plan of the Interior Ministry to strengthen preemptive strikes against different terror factions, atop of which is the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s National Security Service has managed to uncover a scheme by elements of the so-called HASM, one of the armed wings of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, to carry out a series of synchronized hostile operations targeting tourist establishments, vital utilities, the Armed Forces and the Police.

Their goal is to bring about a state of instability and confusion, and to effect a negative image of the situation in the country.

The security plan has resulted in foiling the above scheme via locating a farm at Al-Koraimat-Atfeeh Rd./ Giza Governorate, at which those elements were seeking shelter to make bombs and launch their terrorist operations. The farm was raided after an exchange of fire between police forces and the above elements, leading to the death of three leading cadres who supervise bomb-making operations and launching terror attacks.

They are identified as (Abdel Salam Mohamed Abdel Salam Ali Saleh-Ahmed Mohamed Kamel Sa’eed, Ezz El Din Ahmed Mostafa Abdel Latif). They were caught-red handed in possession of 3 machine guns, 2 explosive devices (ready for use) and an amount of ammunition.

Procedures (to arrest them) were taken following legal order, and other spots -which elements involved in this scheme at the governorates of Qalyoubia and Fayyoum were taking as a shelter- were raided.

The campaign led to the arrest of ten elements, identified as (Yasser Hamouda Ibrahim-Ibrahim Hamouda Ibrahim-Mohamed Farag Abdel Dayem-Hussein Ibrahim Mohamed-Omar Abu Bakr Abdel Wahed-Abdel Tawwab Rabie Awad-Mohamed Abdel Tawwab Mohamed-Mohamed Mostafa Qurani-Sameh Mohamed Gomaa-Ahmed Gamal Ali).

They were caught red-handed in possession of (3 machine guns, 5 cartridges -an amount of ammunition-9 explosive devices-a binocular-some organizational documents.)

The information confirmed that the terrorists were involved in the shooting incident on a security convoy at the Ring Road in Fayyoum Governorate on July 20, 2017, which left a private dead and another injured (Case No. 3045/2017 Fayyoum).

Also, it was revealed that the detainees had received training on the use of weapons and making explosive devices at one of the spots at the western desert, Fayyoum Governorate.

They also had monitored several tourist establishments and security-check points to target them during the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

They were instructed by fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leader based in Turkey "Yahya Al-Sayyid Ibrahim Musa" who manages coordination among terrorist cadres and provides them with weapons as well as the making of explosive devices to implement and finance their schemes. Legal procedures were taken and Supreme State Security Prosecution has undertaken investigation.

Confessions of terrorist Ahmed Gamal Ali, element of the so-called HASM, one of the armed wings of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

Confessions of terrorist Omar Abu Bakr Abdel Wahid, element of the so-called HASM, one of the armed wings of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

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