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Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018

Sunday، 11 February 2018 - 11:56 AM

The law enforcement troops started on Friday 9/2/2018 morning implementing a plan for comprehensive confrontation of all terrorist organizations and elements in Central and North Sinai along with other areas in the Egyptian Delta and western Nile Valley, with the aim to tighten control of the external borders of the Egyptian State, all strategic directions, and the clearance of areas where there are terrorist elements. 

Armed Forces Statements

Communiqué number 1

Communiqué number 2

Communiqué number 3

Communique number 4
Communique number 5 
Communique number 6

Communiqué number 7

Communiqué number 8
Communiqué number 9

Communiqué number 10

Communiqué number 11

SIS urges foreign media to commit to official information on terrorism

Analytical Report by the State Information Service


Sisi: I follow up with pride purging Sinai of terrorism

Awqaf Minister: Every citizen duty bound to protect country

Pope Tawadros praises Egyptians' support for Armed Forces, police in fighting terrorism

Orthodox Church voices support for Armed Forces in war against terrorism

FM discusses combating terrorism with OSCE chief

Egyptian press backs Armed Forces in fight against terrorism in Sinai

Parliament backs military operation against terrorism

Azhar supports Armed Forces in war against terrorism

Foreign Ministry: Armed Forces, Police to purge terrorism from Sinai

Cabinet announces support to military operations in Sinai

FM: Egypt to seriously go on with uprooting terrorism

House Speaker renews support for political leadership

Parliament's general committee reiterates support for fight against terrorism

Speaker: Egypt faces tough times, needs unity of its people

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