18 August 2022 04:21 AM

Daesh and the Muslim Brotherhood: Links and Lies

Wednesday، 14 February 2018 - 09:06 PM

The footage released by terrorists in Sinai under the name of Homat El Sharia has unveiled that the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is greatly involved in all acts of terrorism via adopting lying, deception and all tricky means to cover acts of terrorism and clear the names of terrorist icons.

The terrorist organization has also admitted in that footage the death of its member Omar El Deeb in a clash with security forces while caught red handed implementing a terrorist operation.

The footage has lamented the death of one of Daesh elements: Omar Ibrahim El Deeb, son of the MB Ibrahim El Deeb (fugitive). That terrorist, namely Omar El Deeb has voiced allegiance to Daesh and its chief Abu Bakr el Baghdadi and bragged on commiting terrorist crimes.

At the same time, MB leaders and their mouthpieces tried their best to clear the name of Omar El Deeb and falsely speak of his good manners, accusing the Egyptian State of forcing the disappearance of El Deeb junior and killing him.

In fact, this is the terrorist MB's way to defend terrorists and levelling false accusations against the Egyptian State and its institutions.

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