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SIS calls on officials, elite to boycott BBC

Tuesday، 27 February 2018 - 01:17 PM

Based on the responsibilities entrusted to the State Information Service (SIS) as regards accredited foreign correspondents in Egypt and Egypt’s image in international media, and in line with the internationally recognized journalistic and media professional standards, SIS Chairman Mr. Diaa Rashwan calls on all Egyptian officials and sectors of the Egyptian elite wishing to do so, to boycott conducting media interviews and meetings with BBC correspondents and editors until the BBC issues formal apology and publishes the statement by the State Information Service in response to the BBC February 23 documentary report, refuting the professional errors and violations as well as the allegations on the situation in Egypt.

The State Information Service reiterates that the boycott does not include or impair the right of either the BBC or any other foreign media accredited in Egypt to have access to information and data necessary for their work, as such is an inherent right and it is the duty of the State Information Service to facilitate access to it.  

Chairman of the State Information Service mandated the Press Centre for Foreign Correspondents to take all necessary measures with the BBC Cairo Bureau to follow up the implementation of this decision in accordance with the regulations organizing the work of foreign correspondents in Egypt.

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